lchage - Unix, Linux Command

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lchage - Display or change user password policy


lchage [OPTION]... user


Displays or allows changing password policy of user.


-d, --date=days
  Set the date of last password change to days after Jan 1 1970.

-E, --expire=days
  Set the account expiration date to days after Jan 1 1970. Set days to -1 to disable account expiration.

-i, --interactive
  Ask all questions when connecting to the user database, even if default answers are set up in libuser configuration.

-I, --inactive=days
  Disable the account after days after password expires (after the user user is required to change the password).

-l, --list Only list current user’s policy and make no changes.

-m, --mindays=days
  Require at least days days between password changes. Set days to 0 to disable this checking.

-M, --maxdays=days
  Require changing the password after days since last password change. Set days to 99999 to disable this checking.

-W, --warndays=days
  Start warning the user days before password expires (before the user is required to change the password).


The exit status is 0 on success, nonzero on error.
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