Adaptive Leadership Navigating Change and Uncertainty in Today's Business Landscape

Radhika Dadhich
Updated on 27-Sep-2023 11:24:25


Introduction Uncertainties are a typical occurrence in the modern corporate environment because of a variety of causes, including changes in the economy, technology, politics, and world events. Leaders and organizations may face serious difficulties as a result of these uncertainties; thus, they must be flexible and responsive in their strategies. Adaptive leadership can be useful in this situation. Adaptive leadership is a leadership stance that emphasizes the capacity to thrive in dynamic and unpredictably changing environments. It entails being adaptable, unprejudiced, and prepared to modify strategies and plans when necessary. The ability to navigate ambiguity and make wise decisions amid ... Read More

Centered cube number

Rinish Patidar
Updated on 27-Sep-2023 11:22:35


The problem statement includes printing the N-th centered cube number for some positive value of N, which will be the user input. A centered cube number is the number of points in a three-dimensional pattern created by a point surrounded by concentric cubical layers of points, with i^2 points on the square faces of the ith layer. It is equivalently the number of points in a body-centered cubic pattern within the cube with n + 1 points along each of its edges. You can refer to wikipedia for figurative representation of the centered cube number which will help in better ... Read More

Improving model accuracy with cross validation technique

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 26-Sep-2023 17:27:52


Introduction Cross Validation (CV) is a way of training machine learning models in which multiple models are trained on a part of the data and then accessing their performance or testing them on a independent unseen set of data. In the Cross-validation technique, we generally split the original train data into different parts iteratively so that the algorithm trains and validates itself on each portion of the data none of them are left out in the process In this article let us have a deep good understanding of the Cross-Validation technique and its significance in improving Model accuracy. Cross Validation ... Read More

Checking the normality of a data set or a feature

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 26-Sep-2023 16:47:09


Introduction Normality is defined as the phenomenon of belonging to a normal or Gaussian distribution in statistical terms. The normality of a dataset is the test for a dataset or variable if it follows a normal distribution. Many tests can be performed to check the normality of a dataset among which the most popular ones are the Histogram method, the QQ plot, and the KS Test. Normality testing – Checking for Normality There are both statistical and graphical approaches to determining the normality of a dataset or a feature. Let us look through some of these methods. Graphical Methods Histogram ... Read More

What is OOB error?

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 26-Sep-2023 16:38:09


Introduction OOB or Out of Bag error and OOB Score is a term related to Random Forests. Random Forest is an ensemble of decision trees that improves the prediction from that of a single decision tree.OOB error is used to measure the error in the prediction of tree-based models like random forests, decision trees, and other ML models using the bagging method. In an OOB sample, the number of wrong classifications is an OOB error. In this article let's explore OOB error/score. Before moving ahead let us a short overview of Random Forest and Decision Trees. Random Forest Algorithm Random ... Read More

The Hathaway Effect: Does The Anne Hathaway Effect Really True?

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 26-Sep-2023 16:25:20


Introduction Today Machine Learning plays a crucial role in predicting stock prices and the growth of popular organizations and investment banks. While working on many such problems we consider many relations and correlations between different kinds of factors. The Anne Hathaway Effect is one such peculiar correlation related to popular businessman and investor Warren Buffet, Anne Hathaway, and his company Berkshire Hathaway(BRK). In this article let us know more about the effects and observations around this phenomenon. The Anne Hathaway Effect The Hathaway effect news was first picked up by CNBC. According to this effect, whenever Anne ... Read More

Techniques to find similarities in recommendation system

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 26-Sep-2023 16:20:44


Introduction Similarity metrics are crucial in Recommendation Systems to find users with similar behavior, pattern, or taste. Nowadays Recommendation systems are found in lots of useful applications such as Movie Recommendations as in Netflix, Product Recommendations as in Ecommerce, Amazon, etc. Organizations use preference matrices to capture use behavioral and feedback data on products on specific attributes. They also capture the sequence and trend of users purchasing products and users with similar behavior are captured in the process. In this article, let's understand in brief the idea behind a recommendation system and explore the similar techniques and measures involved in ... Read More

Limitations of fixed basis function

Mithilesh Pradhan
Updated on 26-Sep-2023 16:00:10


Introduction Fixed basis functions are functions that help us to extend linear models in Machine Learning, by taking linear combinations of nonlinear functions. Since Linear models depend on the linear combination of parameters, they suffer a significant limitation. The radial function thus helps model such a group of models by utilizing non-linearity in the data while keeping the parameters linear. Different linear combinations of the fixed basis functions are used within the linear regression by creating complex functions. In this article let us look into the fixed basis function and its limitations Fixed Basis function A linear regression model ... Read More

Display div element on hovering over <a> tag using CSS

Yaswanth Varma
Updated on 26-Sep-2023 15:17:16


CSS can be used to make HTML hidden components visible when hovered over. This article will teach you how to reveal the hidden elements. Utilizing an adjacent sibling selector, we can use CSS to display any HTML element when the user hovers above the tag. When selecting an element that is close to or adjacent to a specific selector tag, the adjacent sibling selector is used. This combinator only chooses one tag that is adjacent to the target tag. Let's dive into the article for getting better understanding on displaying element on hovering over tag using CSS. ... Read More

Webmin Alternatives

Shirjeel Yunus
Updated on 26-Sep-2023 15:12:55


What is Webmin? Webmin is a system administration tool that can be accessed through a web browser. it is used to administer UNIX and Linux systems, servers, and services. Many things in the operating system can be configured through this app. Some of them include users, disk quotas, configuration files, and many more. The platform can also be used to make changes in different open-source apps like BIND DNS Server, PHP, Apache HTTP Server, etc. Why Webmin alternatives? Webmin has security issues and it is necessary to install frequent updates Less number of features are available Additional repositories are ... Read More

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