Design a Digital Clock in Neumorphism Style using JavaScript

Imran Alam
Updated on 08-Dec-2022 13:19:12
In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to design a digital clock in neumorphism style using JavaScript. Neumorphism is a new design trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is characterized by soft, rounded shapes and subtle shadows. The HTML We will start by creating a basic HTML structure for our clock. We will need a container element, and within that, we will have an element for the clock face and another for the control buttons. Below is the HTML code for our clock − Start Stop ... Read More

Golang Program to convert a number into a rational number

Akhil Sharma
Updated on 08-Dec-2022 13:02:11
In this tutorial we will see how to convert a number into a rational number using Go programming language. A rational number is a type of real number, which is in the form of p/q where q is not equal to zero. Any fraction with non-zero denominators is a rational number. Some of the examples of rational numbers are 1/2, 1/5, 3/4, and so on. Syntax funcNewRat(a, b int64) *Rat NewRat creates a new Rat with numerator a and denominator b Syntax for Scanln: Func Scanln(a…interface{}) (n int, err error) Package math/big implements arbitrary-precision arithmetic (big numbers). ... Read More

How is RPA User-Friendly?

Shubham Vyas
Updated on 08-Dec-2022 12:59:15
Automated method RPA is one of the more approachable automation techniques since it doesn't require specialized programming expertise, including coding, java, javascript, react, and other deep IT abilities. RPA software is user−friendly and simple to comprehend. By recording mouse clicks and keystrokes with an integrated screen recorder component, RPA technologies enable users to rapidly and easily develop robots. Some RPA software has the Task Editor capability, which allows users to manually design and edit bots. We can sum up RPA in one sentence: Robots are taking our jobs, and that's a good thing. They aren't really robots, though. Automation of ... Read More

Different types of logs and their fields in RPA

Shubham Vyas
Updated on 08-Dec-2022 12:56:45
The word "log" has probably been used or seen in at least one circumstance if you've worked with software for any length of time. Some frequent expressions, particularly in relation to RPA, are "Add them to logs, " "verify the logs, " "do they belong to logs?, " these are some common types of questions that arise while working with RPA. Consider the fact that you (or your business) have recently spent a sizable amount of money on infrastructure, development, training, process identification, and robotics. You'll want to find out how everything is doing, including how well you're using your ... Read More

What are the limitations of RPA?

Shubham Vyas
Updated on 08-Dec-2022 12:54:05
RPA is still limited to humans for designing the workflow, it's not smart enough to build and self heal itself. Processes related to Live Monitoring example view real time Camera and taking actions. Taking actions based on real time Sentiment Analysis derived from Natural Language processing. Pre−build AI and ML Packs for RPA Processes for Smart Exception Handling and providing Analysis − Recommendations. Improvements − Smart AI and ML integrations that understands Exceptions and Provide recommendations. The processes having following characteristics are not suitable for RPA − Any process that need human judgements to process. Any process which has ... Read More

What are the characteristics of RPA?

Shubham Vyas
Updated on 08-Dec-2022 12:51:58
Without a question, today's organizations place a great value on efficiency. No of the market size or industry area, organizations look for ways to increase productivity by maximizing efficiency. Adopting RPA (Robotic Process Automation) into corporate tasks is one of the best strategies to make operations effective and lean. The majority of firms rely on time−consuming, obsolete, and duplicated tasks and procedures, such as data input and file access. Businesses that choose to automate these procedures can save expenses and increase efficiency. RPA has opened up new opportunities for corporations to take control. Businesses should thus be astute enough to ... Read More

Advantages of RPA Tool

Shubham Vyas
Updated on 08-Dec-2022 12:49:46
RPA stands for robotic process automation. It is a computer programme or robot that simulates human interaction with digital systems to carry out business tasks. RPA, which is now the technology with the quickest growth rate, has the same capacity for data collection and application manipulation as people. RPA is assisting organizations in automating time−consuming and repetitive operations by understanding data, initiating actions, and interacting with other systems. RPA Benefits are as follows − Increasing productivity in all areas The benefits of RPA automation are underpinned by a straightforward idea− let your staff focus on what they do best while ... Read More

Screen Scraping in RPA

Shubham Vyas
Updated on 08-Dec-2022 12:47:22
Screen scraping is the cornerstone of emerging technologies like RPA and web scrapers, which rely on it to gather data from digital screens. Early screen scraping techniques were used to extract source codes from outdated systems, which were subsequently moved to more contemporary programmes. But modern developments like OCR and computer vision allow for the extraction of specialised data from any open application via screen scraping. This article explores screen scraping's definition, methodology, commercial applications, and challenges. What is Screen Scraping? Screen scraping, also known as terminal emulation, is a method for mechanically collecting visual data from computer displays and ... Read More

Explain Workflow Designer in RPA

Shubham Vyas
Updated on 08-Dec-2022 12:44:21
The Workflow Designer tool provided by Automation Anywhere RPA allows users to design and improve business workflows. You can use the Workflow Designer to create workflow flow diagrams in a graphical environment while using Automation Anywhere to create and run automated workflows. What is a Workflow Designer? Users may visually develop processes from scratch, complete with roles, mapping phases, and approvals, using an application referred to as a "workflow designer." It helps to visualise each step a request takes while emphasising the interactions, conditions, and relationships among them. Advantages of a Workflow Designer A workflow designer is a fantastic tool ... Read More

Framework used in software Automation Testing

Shubham Vyas
Updated on 08-Dec-2022 12:41:47
Any good automated testing procedure must include testing frameworks. For QA teams aiming to improve their agile procedures, they may cut maintenance expenses and testing time while also offering a stronger return on investment (ROI). The purpose of this article is to discuss the most popular framework types now in use, as well as their merits and drawbacks. This article will give QA professionals a high−level overview of each type of framework and how they may contribute to the success of any automated testing process, whether they are new to automated testing or just need a fast reminder. What is ... Read More
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