What are the new features in Swift 4.0?

Nitin Aggarwal
Updated on 09-Dec-2022 14:17:51
In this tutorial, you are going to learn what changes have been released in Swift 4. Every time, Apple releases major versions with lots of improvements and additions to APIs. The new features introduced in Swift 4.0 include improved key paths for key-value coding, encoding and decoding, multi-line string literals, Strings are collections, improved dictionary functionality, one-sided ranges, and many other code enhancements. Encoding & Decoding In Swift 4.0, Apple introduced the Codable protocol to make encoding and decoding easy for developers. You can implement serialization and deserialization in your code using this protocol. You can encode and decode your ... Read More

Divided Attention: Meaning And Application

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 09-Dec-2022 13:40:21
Attention is a cognitive procedure that permits an individual to choose and concentrate on a pertinent stimulus. Divided attention is a type of attention. According to some research, divided attention is mostly common among older adults. One example of divided attention is cooking a meal and talking to a person simultaneously; none of the activity is stopped to carry out the other activity, and the attention is divided into both tasks. What is Divided Attention? An individual's ability the brain to take part in two distinct stimuli at the same time. Divided attention is a kind of attention happening simultaneously ... Read More

Culture's Influence on Perception

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 09-Dec-2022 12:59:32
Cultural perspective cultivation is a significant step in developing agile and intelligent social skills that help to create value in people's life. Psychology depends on the ability to forge strong relationships both externally and internally. Culturally helps to determine the various characteristics such as spoken language at home customs, religious observance, dietary practices, and other aspects of behavior. Many cultural features and health states are related to them as they are associated with social status, income, education, and occupation. What is Culture's Influence on Perception? Illness is a cultural disorder that reflects the patients' political, moral, and social world. They ... Read More

What are the higher-order functions in Swift?

Nitin Aggarwal
Updated on 09-Dec-2022 12:55:28
Throughout this tutorial, you will learn about the higher-order functions available in Swift. You will find out what they are used for and how to use them. What are they? A higher-order function is a function that takes one or more functions as arguments or returns a function as its result. Below are the higher-order functions provided by the Swift language − forEach() map() compactMap() flatMap() filter() reduce() sort() sorted() All the higher-order functions are based on closure but don't worry you don't need to be a master of closure. They are easy to use and also reduce ... Read More

How to prevent sticky hover effects for buttons on touch devices?

Manisha Patil
Updated on 09-Dec-2022 12:53:47
In touch devices, an element sticks when a hover effect is added to it using CSS. This article will teach us how to deal with this problem. On touch devices, there is no hover effect, therefore the button stays in its original state. Without the Use of JavaScript: CSS's media query function can be used to fix the problem. Devices that support hover are those that match the requirement "hover: hover". To ensure that the CSS below is added only on these devices, use media query along with this condition. Only hover-enabled devices will see the added hover effect; touch ... Read More

Creative Thinking: Meaning And Significance

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 09-Dec-2022 12:52:21
In a classroom full of students, how many students will be able to come up with different solutions to the same problem presented to all? What kind of thinking is involved, and how can some people think outside the box? Is it common for everyone or only specially-minded people to have this kind of thinking? Is creative thinking only limited to co-curricular activities, or is it generalized? What is Creative Thinking? Creative thinking is a method of looking at issues or circumstances differently, leading to unconventional solutions (which may look unsettling at first). Both unstructured processes, such as brainstorming, ... Read More

How to improve the readability of Swift code?

Nitin Aggarwal
Updated on 09-Dec-2022 12:49:59
In this tutorial, you will learn how to improve code readability in the Swift language. You can follow a variety of techniques when writing code. By following these methods, you will be able to write more understandable code for yourself and other developers. Use Comments This is the most important thing we should do. When writing code, we often write logic and calculations. When we start, we have everything in our minds, but after a month, it's definitely difficult to remember everything, especially in large applications. The code is usually commented on single lines. As a result, we are better ... Read More

How to import a SVG file in JavaScript article?

Manisha Patil
Updated on 09-Dec-2022 12:48:14
Scalable Vector Graphic, sometimes known as SVG, is a type of 2D graphic or image file. In order to create visuals, SVG files employ mathematical formulas and a set of guidelines about shapes, lines, and other features. SVGs are simply XML code that specifies how colours should be presented, where each form should appear in respect to other shapes inside a file, and how shapes should be displayed. SVGs and some other vector graphics were significantly different than raster graphics that depend on pixels to convey visual data, like jpegs or png files. The four advantages of using SVG files ... Read More

Explain generics and How to apply method or variable generics in Swift?

Nitin Aggarwal
Updated on 09-Dec-2022 12:45:50
In this tutorial, you are about to learn how you can use generics to make your code reusable and flexible in an application. You will see how to create functions and properties that can work with any type with an example. What is generics? Swift allows you to write flexible, reusable code using generics. Generic code can work with any type. You can write code that avoids duplication and expresses its intent in a clear, abstract manner. Generics are one of the most powerful features of Swift, and much of the Swift standard library is built with generic code. You’ve ... Read More

Cognitive Psychology: Definition and Meaning

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 09-Dec-2022 12:45:08
Think of all your ideas as physical objects moving quickly through your mind. How can the brain switch from one thought to the next in a structured, logical manner? The brain is constantly digesting, remembering, planning, organizing, and perceiving new information. However, most of your brain's activity goes unnoticed while you do your regular activities. This is just one aspect of the intricate processes that go into cognition. What is Cognition? The term "cognition" refers to a wide range of mental functions, including thinking, perceiving, envisioning, attending, and the information processing necessary for learning, problem-solving, and making plans. The ... Read More
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