What is Lupus? Symptoms Cause Diagnosis Treatment

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 21:37:03
When your immune system attacks your cells and organs, you have lupus. Several physiological components, including bones, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brains, hearts, and lungs, might experience swelling due to lupus. Lupus is difficult to diagnose since its symptoms usually match those of other disorders. The most recognizable sign of lupus, which is present in most cases but not all, is a facial rash resembling butterfly wings extending over both cheeks. Numerous people are genetically prone to developing lupus, which can be brought on by diseases, certain medications, or even sunlight. Lupus does not have a cure, although drugs ... Read More

Natural Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome During Pregnancy

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 21:36:28
RLS disorder involves an uncontrolled impulse to move one's legs, generally in response to an unpleasant feeling. It usually occurs in the evenings or at night-time, while you're seated or sleeping. Movement briefly alleviates the uncomfortable sensation. Restless legs syndrome, also called Willis-Ekbom illness, can start at any age and deteriorate with age. It can impede everyday tasks by disrupting sleeping. Simple self-measures and lifestyle changes may aid with discomfort relief. Many persons with RLS benefit from medication. Symptoms The primary indication is a desire to exercise the legs. The following symptoms frequently accompany RLS − Feelings that ... Read More

Cable TV for Data Transfer

Satish Kumar
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 21:35:52
Cable television (TV) networks have been used for data transfer in the past. Cable TV networks were initially designed to transmit television signals, but they have also been used to provide internet access and other types of data transfer services. This is typically done using a technology called "cable modem, " which allows data to be sent over the same cable that is used to transmit TV signals. Cable TV companies often provide internet service through cable modems as part of a bundle that includes TV and telephone services. Cable modem internet service is generally faster than DSL and has ... Read More

5 Types of Tea That May Support Your Immune System

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 21:35:35
It's no surprise that consuming tea is beneficial to your health. Tea has long been used in the medieval treatment and is seen as a panacea in several Asian nations. The advantages of consuming tea extend well above merely experiencing better while sick. Tea can help safeguard brain function, boost cardiac health, and help avoid some cancers. Here, we'll go over all the medical advantages of consuming tea so you can curl up with your favorite cup and slurp to your happiness. One of the most consumed beverages worldwide is tea. The two main categories of tea are ... Read More

9 Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 21:34:54
Respect and boundaries are also important in a healthy relationship. Both parties should respect each other's opinions, beliefs, and limitations. This means that they should not try to control or manipulate each other. Equality and mutual decision-making are also important, as both parties should have an equal say in important decisions that affect the relationship. What are the critical components of a healthy relationship? A healthy relationship is one in which both parties feel safe, respected, and valued. It is built on trust and honesty, where both parties feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Communication and ... Read More

Cable TV Networks

Satish Kumar
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 21:34:08
Cable television networks are television channels that are delivered to viewers through cable television systems, as opposed to broadcast television, satellite television, or the internet. Some examples of popular cable TV networks in the United States include ESPN, TNT, and HBO. Cable networks can also be divided into categories, such as news networks (CNN, Fox News), sports networks (ESPN, NBC Sports), movie networks (HBO, Showtime), and lifestyle networks (Food Network, HGTV). Cable Network operate by subscription where viewer pays to the operator to get access to the channels. Types of Cable TV Networks There are several different types of cable ... Read More

Berkeley's Algorithm

Satish Kumar
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 21:31:46
Berkeley's Algorithm is a distributed algorithm for computing the correct time in a network of computers. The algorithm is designed to work in a network where clocks may be running at slightly different rates, and some computers may experience intermittent communication failures. The basic idea behind Berkeley's Algorithm is that each computer in the network periodically sends its local time to a designated "master" computer, which then computes the correct time for the network based on the received timestamps. The master computer then sends the correct time back to all the computers in the network, and each computer sets its ... Read More

Bifid Cipher in Cryptography

Satish Kumar
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 21:29:50
The Bifid Cipher is a polygraphic substitution cipher that was invented by the French amateur cryptographer Felix Delastelle at the end of the 19th century. It is considered a polygraphic cipher because it encrypts pairs of letters at a time, rather than single letters like monoalphabetic ciphers such as the Caesar Cipher. The Bifid Cipher is based on a polybius square, which is a 5x5 grid of letters that is used to encrypt the plaintext. The grid is usually filled with a combination of the alphabet and a keyword or phrase. The letters in the keyword or phrase are placed ... Read More

Binary Synchronous Communication (BISYNC)

Satish Kumar
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 21:28:48
Binary Synchronous Communication (BISYNC) is a communication protocol that uses synchronous transmission to transfer data between devices. In BISYNC, data is transmitted in fixed-length blocks, called frames, with a start and stop bit at the beginning and end of each frame. The start and stop bits are used to synchronize the sender and receiver, so that they can accurately read and interpret the data in the frame. BISYNC uses a complex set of control characters to manage the flow of data and to maintain the synchronization between the sender and receiver. For example, the "ENQ" (enquiry) character is used to ... Read More

Birman Schiper Stephenson Protocol

Satish Kumar
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 21:27:29
The Birman-Schiper-Stephenson (BSS) Protocol is a distributed computing protocol that allows a group of computers to maintain a consistent shared state despite the possibility of failures. It was first described in a paper by Michael Birman, Roger Schiper, and Tom Stephenson in 1985. In the BSS Protocol, each computer in the group is assigned a unique identifier and acts as a "replica" of the shared state. The replicas communicate with each other using a series of message passing operations to maintain consistency of the shared state. The protocol is based on a "token" that is passed between replicas, which serves ... Read More
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