Difference between cloud computing and Hadoop

Devang Delvadiya
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 23:29:00
Globally, Development in Cloud Computing always goes towards almost all IT investments. On the other hand, many businesses have started storing and analyzing the ever-increasing amounts of data in Hadoop. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing always simplify for referring to the internet. Rather than keeping them on the local hard disc, Cloud Computing is the best for moving your applications, computer data, and files to an external server in the cloud. Main Advantages of cloud Computing are Elasticity − Cloud computing provides elasticity by allowing organizations to consume only the necessary resources. To accommodate rising or falling computer ... Read More

How Bluetooth Low Energy Is Transforming IoT Asset Tracking

Devang Delvadiya
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 23:27:51
Growing Bluetooth technology has given us many advantages and solves the connectivity problem in smaller regions. Bluetooth is known to be the most secure connection between two devices because of its strong Bluetooth signals, other than normal electromagnetic signals. Now Bluetooth is changing the face of many companies' IoT Asset Tracking technology. Previously, many methods were used for asset tracking like QR codes, Barcodes, RFID tags, NFC, etc., and now the companies are looking towards the growing Bluetooth low energy transforming IoT asset tracking. What is IoT Asset Tracking? Asset tracking helps any company track its logistics running all around ... Read More

How IoT for Electric Vehicle Charging Keeps EVs Running

Devang Delvadiya
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 23:27:08
Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the near future of our generation, and increasing gasoline and diesel prices will eventually bring people toward buying electric scooters or electric cars. And therefore, in the electrical grid of charging vehicles, IoT is essential to provide smart charging. Unlike normal gas stations, electric cars require a much longer time to charge their batteries fully, and an electric station can handle a limited number of cars at a time. Hence, IoT boosts smart charging, and Electric Vehicle Charging keeps the EVs running on the road. Let us discuss the different roles of IoT in Electric Vehicle ... Read More

How IoT is Driving the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution

Devang Delvadiya
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 23:26:25
IoT and autonomous vehicle driving have a direct connection. Without IoT, achieving such an autonomous vehicle revolution is impossible. We have always liked the concept of automated vehicles, inspired by the movies where self-driving cars run on the road. We find them futuristic, and surely they are! But how is IoT driving the autonomous vehicle revolution? Let us see how smart cars work and the role of IoT in automated vehicles. Why Self-Driving Cars? Sometimes misbelieved, self-driving cars have much more safety features than just a normal car. Smart cars have the technology to detect nearby objects and their speed. ... Read More

3D Printing: Why does it matter to the growth of IoT?

Devang Delvadiya
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 23:25:40
The internet of things is a grouping of gadgets and sensors that gather and share information. 3D printing is a way of making three-dimensioned objects from a digital file. When you join these two advances, you get 3D printing in IoT, a method for making actual items from computerized plans utilizing associated gadgets and sensors. 3D printing in IoT is a method for making actual items from digital designs utilizing associated gadgets and sensors. This innovation can be utilized to provoke custom articles on interest, prototype new items, or in any event, print whole structures. 3D printing is a ... Read More

Impact of IoT-Based Mobile Apps on User Experience

Devang Delvadiya
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 23:24:59
The Internet of Things has seen a significant expansion in innovation. Related to the capability of portability, innovation is supposed to set new benchmarks in business effectiveness, development, and client experience. Engineers are starting to make applications that give clients necessities and quick admittance to their prerequisites. Given an analysis directed by smart bits of knowledge, most clients utilized cell phones to download applications on cell phones. It's no big surprise that versatile applications have become very famous and viable in a couple of years and, with time, has started to influence the development of the Internet of Things. It ... Read More

17 Best IoT Devices List in 2022

Devang Delvadiya
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 23:24:05
The IoT, also called the Internet of Things, has become a very special part of digital transformations among many firms. Companies use IoT to provide better customer services, take better decisions, and achieve operational efficiencies. It refers to the interconnectedness of devices that collect and share data. Let’s look at the 17 best IoT devices in 2022. What is IoT? IoT devices are hardware devices that come with sensors. These sensors enable them to collect and transmit data to a central server. It is a network of physical objects that are connected to the internet. As of 2021, around 22 ... Read More

6 Tips to become an IoT developer

Devang Delvadiya
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 23:22:53
The Internet revolution started with personal computers, then it came right into our hands as smartphones, and now almost all electronic devices are connected to the internet, called IoT. It is the trending technology making human lives more manageable. IoT is just about connecting devices to the internet in real-time. The devices contain sensors, processing ability, and some technology through which they can communicate with other devices over the internet or networks. Technologies Enabling IoT Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) Embedded Systems Big Data Analytics Machine Learning Natural Language Processing(NLP) Cloud Computing To become an IoT developer, we must ... Read More

Why Spring Boot the King of Java Frameworks?

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 23:18:55
Java developers have a wide array of frameworks to choose from when building web applications, but one stands out above the rest: Spring Boot. This framework has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ease of use, flexibility, and powerful features.  Unleashing the Magic of Spring Boot in Development! As a developer, it's easy to feel bogged down by the monotony of repetitive tasks and endless configurations. But with Spring Boot, gone are the days of tedious setup and overwhelming decisions. This revolutionary framework takes the hassle out of development, allowing you to focus on the exciting parts ... Read More

Importance of Proper Exception Handling in Java

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 23:18:22
Java is a widely-used programming language, & as such, it is necessary to understand the importance of proper exception handling to develop robust and efficient code. Exception handling is a mechanism used to handle errors and unexpected conditions in a program, and it is essential for maintaining the integrity and stability of a Java application. Proper exception handling is a critical component of Java programming that helps developers to anticipate and recover from errors and unexpected conditions in a program. It is an essential aspect of maintaining the integrity & stability of a Java application. This is why it is ... Read More
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