What is the full form of CDR?

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 29-Nov-2023 18:34:14


Introduction Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) is a process where a company arranges with its banks to rebuild the terms of its exceptional debt to improve its financial circumstances. CDR is typically done when a company is encountering financial trouble and is incapable of meeting its debt commitments. The rebuilding can include measures such as amplifying the repayment period, reducing the intrigued rate, or converting obligation into equity. The objective of CDR is to provide relief to the company from its obligation burden, improve its cash flow and productivity, and ultimately, ensure its long-term reasonability. CDR is a complex process ... Read More

What is the full form of CDSL?

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Introduction Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) is a depository benefit supplier based in India. It is capable for the electronic bookkeeping, clearing, and settlement of securities such as equities, bonds, and other financial instruments traded on Indian exchanges. CDSL was joined in 1997 and has since ended up one of the two major storehouses in India, with over 20 million dynamic speculator accounts. The company works under the oversight of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and offers a range of administrations to its clients, including dematerialization of securities, account support, corporate activities processing, and other value-added ... Read More

What is the full form of CEA?

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Introduction Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is a well-known trade organisation in the United States that promotes the consumer electronics industry. The CEA provides lobbying, market research, and specialised training to its members, who include manufacturers, retailers, and service providers. The organisation also hosts notable annual events, such as the International CES, which functions as a platform for displaying cutting-edge technology and development. The CEA has played an important role in driving the growth of the customer electronics market and developing industry regulations. Its initiatives and contributions have had a significant effect on the industry and the economy as a ... Read More

What is the full form of CECA?

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Introduction Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) is a multilateral trade deal aimed at promoting financial cooperation and increasing exchange and investment flows. The settlement addresses a huge style of problems, along with item change, services, and investment, in addition to intellectual assets, competition, and authorities’ procurement. Because CECA is a comprehensive agreement, it covers many facets of economic cooperation besides just the exchange of goods. Its goal is to level the playing field for businesses in each nation, reduce alternative constraints, and increase economic integration. CECA has the potential to benefit both countries by encouraging economic growth, job creation, ... Read More

What is the full form of CEPA?

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Introduction Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) is a free trade settlement among two or extra countries along with their goals to encourage economic cooperation and integration. The settlement covers a broad range of topics, including investments, products, services, intellectual property, and competition regulation. The CEPA goals to cast off exchange and investment restrictions and level the playing area for government corporations. The goal of the agreement is to enhance international trade and marketplace access, consequently increasing business possibilities and stimulating economic growth. Objectives Promoting economic cooperation and integration between member nations is one of the primary goals of comprehensive ... Read More

What is the full form of CER?

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Introduction Codeword Error Ratio (CER) is used as statistic for effectiveness of communication systems when transmitting records through noisy channels. It measures the quantity of codewords misplaced or broken at some stage in transmission and is expressed as a percentage of the entire quantity of codewords delivered. CER is extensively used to evaluate transmission quality and enhance system performance in digital communication systems such as wireless networks and satellite communication systems. Engineers can increase system dependability and decrease the occurrence of data transmission errors by monitoring CER. History The development of digital communication systems has been closely linked to ... Read More

What is the full form of CES?

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Introduction Circuit Emulation Service (CES) is a networking technology that allows TDM (Time division Multiplexing) circuits to be transported over packet-based networks such as IP (internet Protocol). It works by emulating the behaviour of traditional TDM circuits over an IP network, allowing enterprises to use their existing TDM-based equipment and infrastructure while taking advantage of the advantages of packet-based networks. CES basically converts TDM traffic into packets and then transports them over a packet- based total network. This conversion is done using specialised hardware or software called CES devices or CES gateways, which act as an interface between the ... Read More

What is the full form of CFI?

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Introduction Continuous Fuel Injection (CFI) is a type of current fuel injection system that is utilised in inner combustion engines. CFI systems provide the engine with fuel in a regular and accurate manner, in comparison to traditional carbureted engines. This technology allows for an extra efficient and managed combustion process, resulting in increased fuel economy, decreased emissions, and greater engine overall performance. CFI systems are substantially employed in modern petrol and diesel engines and depend on advanced sensors and computer control to regulate the petrol injection rate and timing to optimise engine performance under numerous riding circumstances. Overall, CFI ... Read More

What is the full form of CFML?

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Introduction Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML) is a web programming language used for building dynamic web applications. It was created by Allaire Corporation (now Adobe Systems) in the mid-1990s and is now maintained by Adobe Systems. CFML is a tag-based language, which means that it uses HTML-like tags to define the structure and behavior of web pages. The history of CFML Here's a year-wise history of CFML − 1995 − CFML was created by Jeremy and JJ Allaire as a tool for developing dynamic web applications 1996 − The first version of ColdFusion was released, which allowed developers ... Read More

What is the full form of CFRA?

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Introduction Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts (CFRA) is a financial reporting framework that combines financial and revenue information into a single statement. CFRA is designed to provide a more comprehensive view of a company's financial performance by including both financial and revenue-related information in a single document. This framework is based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and requires that all revenue and financial information be reported in accordance with these principles. CFRA is commonly used in the public sector, particularly by government agencies and departments, as a means of reporting financial and revenue information in a more transparent ... Read More

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