How to Automate an Excel Sheet in Python?

Tarandeep Singh
Updated on 29-May-2023 12:38:16
Data storage, analysis, and presentation are frequently done using Excel. The popular programming language Python, on the other hand, is renowned for its ease of use, adaptability, and versatility. For use with Excel spreadsheets and for various task automation, Python offers a number of libraries. We can easily make use of Python for automating Excel spreadsheets. For doing the same, we will be covering various approaches in this article: Approaches Using the openpyxl library Using the pandas library Using the xlwings library Method 1: Using the openpyxl library We can use the Python Openpyxl package for interacting with ... Read More

Get the day from a date in Pandas

Tarandeep Singh
Updated on 29-May-2023 12:35:40
Pandas is a popular Python library that is used for data analysis and manipulation. Dealing with date and time is a common task while working with data analysis and manipulation in Python Pandas. Getting the day from a given date is a real-life task that might have come across many developers. This task is made easier by a number of functions and methods offered by Pandas. Knowing how to get the day from a date can be very helpful in many cases. In this article, we'll look at several methods for determining the day of the week in Pandas. You ... Read More

Get the data type of column in Pandas - Python

Tarandeep Singh
Updated on 29-May-2023 12:33:09
Pandas is a popular and powerful Python library commonly used for data analysis and manipulation. It offers a number of data structures, including the Series, DataFrame, and Panel, for working with tabular and time-series data. Pandas DataFrame is a two-dimensional tabular data structure. In this article, we'll go through various methods for determining a column's data type in Pandas. There can be numerous cases where we have to find the data type of a column in Pandas DataFrame. Each column in a Pandas DataFrame can contain a different data type. Before Moving forward, let's make a sample dataframe on which ... Read More

Get tag name using Beautifulsoup in Python

Tarandeep Singh
Updated on 29-May-2023 12:29:04
BeautifulSoup is known as one of the most widely used Python packages for web scraping. It is one of the most fantastic tools used for parsing HTML and XML documents, making it simpler and quicker to extract data from websites. Extraction of the tag name for particular HTML and XML components is one of the most frequent tasks in web scraping. Getting the tag name of a given element is one of the most frequent tasks when working with HTML and XML documents. Python’s BeautifulSoup library can be installed using the below command: pip install beautifulsoup4 Approach ... Read More

Get specific row from PySpark dataframe

Tarandeep Singh
Updated on 29-May-2023 12:20:37
PySpark is a powerful tool for data processing and analysis. When working with data in a PySpark DataFrame, you may sometimes need to get a specific row from the dataframe. It helps users to manipulate and access data easily in a distributed and parallel manner, making it ideal for big data applications. In this article, We will explore how to get specific rows from the PySpark dataframe using various methods in PySpark. We will cover the approaches in functional programming style using PySpark's DataFrame APIs. Before Moving forward, let's make a sample dataframe from which we have to get the ... Read More

How to Add a Comma after the First Word in Each Cell in Excel?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 29-May-2023 10:51:53
Adding commas manually in specific places within cells may be a pretty good idea when you deal with numerous cells inside your spreadsheet data. After the first word in a list that was randomly produced in Excel, it is highly typical for there to be an absence of commas in the data. This is particularly true in situations in which the data is copied from word editors. but, when you deal with a vast amount of data, you have to discover a better approach to do it or come up with a different way to do it manually.You have the ... Read More

Code of Civil Prciviocedure: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 28-May-2023 13:24:13
The meaning of the word ‘procedure’ is "the correct way of doing things." Therefore, a procedure provides a set of rules for the functioning of the court to deal with a particular situation that arises during its day-to-day business. This definitely includes the set of rules for the functions of the judges, advocates, and court staff. In India, the judicial system is broadly divided into two major streams, namely the Civil Court and the Criminal Court. Civil courts deal with civil disputes, which are those involving civil rights such as property, trade, and business. Further civil disputes arise between the ... Read More

Top-Notch Information Security Certification

Uday Mitra
Updated on 24-May-2023 16:21:30
It takes both experience and certification to succeed in an IT security career. With the growing importance of information security, many companies now use security certifications as a prerequisite for employment. Of course, you can bootstrap your way into IT security, as everyone has to begin somewhere (as we wrote about recently). However, if you've decided to pursue a career in information security, there are a plethora of certifications from which to choose. Some certifications can be breezed through. Some people are notoriously challenging. As a group, we understand that there is a spectrum of exam challenges. The amount of ... Read More

Top Cybersecurity Tips on Global Password Day

Uday Mitra
Updated on 24-May-2023 16:20:49
There has never been a more pressing time to use a strong password to protect your online accounts, given that so much of modern life takes place online (including schoolwork, research, shopping, banking, communication, and even recreation). World Password Day is held annually on the first Thursday of May to emphasize the significance of using a strong password for all online accounts. Check Point Software Technologies, a global leader in cybersecurity, has provided tips for creating and managing safe passwords for online accounts. It can help millions of users if they follow the tips accurately. You must avoid using ... Read More

Reassessing the Concepts of Security Risk Management

Uday Mitra
Updated on 24-May-2023 15:31:57
Application security refers to the precautions taken throughout an application's life cycle to protect against vulnerabilities that may arise due to flaws in the application's design, development, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance. These flaws can occur at any point in the application's life cycle, including design, development, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance. These precautions are designed to eliminate the possibility of exceptions occurring inside an application's security policy or the system behind it. Applications have no control over the kind of resources made available; they can only regulate how those resources are utilized. This is the only power they have. Since ... Read More
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