Reasoning - Theme Detection

In this type of reasoning, we will be given a short passage. The passage can be on any aspect. This passage will be followed by a questions which will be followed by some options. Our aim is to carefully read the passage and answer the questions. Unlike other English passages, here the questions will be based on the theme of the passage. Hence, the name is theme detection.

The questions may have variety. Such as some passages will be there where we have to answer which of the given options best describes the theme of the passage. This is a direct case, where we have to read the passage again and again along with the options to arrive at the right theme.

Second category will be those in which we will be asked to judge the mood of the author or writer of the passage. This is an indirect way of detecting the theme of the passage. Unless you understand the theme of the passage well, it will be difficult for you to judge the mood of the author.

Third category will be those in which we will be given certain options and among them we have to choose which one of them is correct or wrong pertaining to the passage. Without being worried about much complexity, reader is advised to go through the sample example to know how exactly you have to judge the theme of the passage and then go through the quiz question followed by exercise questions to have a string grasp over the chapter.

There has been a wide speculation regarding the government’s plan of launching a smartphone for just Rs. 251. Many people are optimistic while some are not. All have a common doubt about the feasibility and the profit of the company to launch smartphone for such a low price. The doubt is quite natural as a simple battery costs Rs. 400-500 and an earphone costs Rs. 200-300, then how can the company make profit out of such budget?

Guess the view of the author about the scheme of the government.

A - Optimistic

B - Pessimistic

C - Neutral

D - Puzzled

Answer − D


Now read the passage carefully. Here, the author is describing a scheme of the government wherein, it plans to launch a low budget smartphone for just Rs. 251. In the 2nd line itself, the author has made the point clear that many people are not optimistic pertaining to it.

In the last sentence, the author has questioned against the cheap pricing of the mobile. Hence it is clear that, he is not sure about the scheme and is puzzled. Hence our answer will be option D.

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