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There are five friends named as A, B, C, D and E all working in various shops as stationary shop, book store, grocery shop, hardware shop, sports goods shop. Also all like to play different games such as hockey, kabbadi, basketball, tennis and football. Consider the following statements and answer the questions.

  • A does not like hockey

  • B has a book store and likes to play football.

  • C and D do not like tennis and C has grocery shop whereas D has hardware shop.

  • E likes kabbadi and does not work in stationary shop.

  • The person who likes hockey does not work in hardware shop.

Q 1 − Who has stationary shop?

Options :

A - A

B - C

C - D

D - B

Answer - A


The given statements can be summarized in a tabulated form as follows.

Names Occupations Favourite Sports
A Stationary Tennis
B Book Store Football
C Grocery Hockey
D Hardware Basketball
E Sports Goods Kabaddi

From the given table, it is clear that A has stationary shop.

Q 2 − Which game is played by D?

Options :

A - Kabbadi

B - Hockey

C - Basketball

D - Tennis

Answer - C


It is clear that D plays basketball.

Answer - B


From the given table, it is clear that E sells sports goods.

Q 4 − Which game is played by grocery shopkeeper?

Options :

A - Hockey

B - Tennis

C - Kabbadi

D - Football

Answer - A


According to the given table, C has grocery shop and plays hockey.

Answer - B


It is clear that option (B) is the correct combination of person, occupation and favourite game.

Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions −

A,B,C,D,E,F and G are travelling in three buses X,Y,Z with at least two of them in any of these buses. Each of them likes a different sweet viz. Petha, Rasmalai, Rasagolla, Kheer, Sandesh, Chamcham and Jalebi, but not necessarily in the same order.

  • B is travelling in bus Y with E.

  • E’s favourite sweet is Jalebi.

  • Those who travel in Bus X do not like Petha and Kheer.

  • The one who likes Rasmalai travels only with G in Bus Z.

  • The one whose favourite sweet is Sandesh does not travel in the same bus with either E or G.

  • A does not travel in Bus Y.

  • A likes Chamcham.

  • D and F are travelling in the same bus.

  • F does not like Rasagolla.

  • The one whose favourite sweet is Kheer does not travel in bus Y.

Q 6 − What is C’s favourite sweet?

Options :

A - Chamcham

B - Rasmalai

C - Sandesh

D - Jalebi

Answer - B


C’s favourite sweet is Rasmalai.

A X Chamcham

B Y Petha

C Z Rasmalai

D X Rasagolla

E Y Jalebi

F X Sandesh

G Z Kheer

Q 7 − In which bus three of them are travelling?

Options :

A - Only X

B - Only Y

C - Only Z

D - Either X or Y

E - Data inadequate

Answer - A


On X three of them are travelling. They are A, D and F.

Q 8 − In which bus are both B and E travelling?

Options :

A - X

B - Y

C - Z

D - Data inadequate

Answer - B


B and E both are travelling on bus Y.

Q 9 − Whose favourite sweet is Petha?

Options :

A - A

B - F

C - B

D - G

Answer - C


B’s favourite sweet is Petha.

Q 10 − Which of the following combinations is correct?

Options :

A - A-Y-Chamcham

B - D-X-Rasmalai

C - G-X-Kheer

D - D-X-Rasagolla

Answer - D


D- X- Rasagolla is the correct combination. So, option D is correct.

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