Reasoning - Blood Relationship

In blood relation test, questions are asked about the blood relations of a group of persons or a small family or between two to three people. In these type of questions, an examiner normally checks the ability of a candidate to correlate different relationships. These questions are normally very tricky as we have to concentrate on each and every single statement and words in the question. After understanding the question, we have to make a clear picture of the well-defined blood relations in the question by comparing with our self so that we can easily find the answers to the questions.

Mohapatra family is very famous for their shopping malls. The owner of house is Umesh Mohapatra. He has two sons. Their names are Rakesh and Rohit Mohapatra. Rakesh is married to Shriti. Soumya is father-in-law of Rakesh and Shilpa is sister of Shriti. Shilpa’s mother’s name is Sujata. Chintu is nephew of Rohit. Rohit’s mother is Gita.

1 - What is relationship between Chintu and Rakesh?


A - Son-father

B - Father-son

C - Brother

D - Cousins

Answer − Option A

Explanation − As Chintu is nephew of Rohit so he must be Rakesh’s son.

2 - How is Shilpa related to Rakesh?


A - Sister

B - Sister-in-law

C - Cousin

D - Mother

Answer − Option B

Explanation − Shilpa is Shriti’s sister, so option B is correct.

3 - How is Gita related to Shriti?


A - Mother

B - Sister

C - Aunt

D - Mother-in-law

Answer − Option D

Explanation − Option D is correct because she is mother of her husband.

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