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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Question 3

Which symbol will be at top face when `O’ is at the bottom?

Options :

A - Small Triangle

B - O Letter

C - Star

D - Small Square

Answer : D


From the information given in question figure, the complete unfold figure can be drawn as,

3 Explanation

Four positions of a dice has been shown in the figures. Answer the questions according to the information provided by figures.

Question 14

Q 2 - The symbol at the back side of the figure (D) is

Options :

A - Rhombus

B - Star

C - Hexagon

D - Pentagon

Answer : C


From the figures (B) and (C) it is clear that hexagon will be the opposite face of circle in figure (D).

Q 3 - Question 23

Which figure will have the place of question mark?

Options :

A - 23 a Option

B - 23 b Option

C - 23 c Option

D - None of these

Answer : B


From the given figure it has been found thatStar underline will lie on opposite face of 23 c and also 23 a will have → on its opposite face. Based on this, the unfold figure of dice can be drawn as follows.

23 Explanation

In the question figure, the views of a dice having faces with letters.

Question 36

Q 4 - If there is only one pair of opposite faces which are vowel find the pair.

Options :

A - A-E

B - A-I

C - I-E

D - None

Answer : B


According to the figure and question, on locating letters on all six faces of dice below it can be concluded that A and I will form pair of opposite vowel letters.

36 Explanation

Q 5 - Question 49

Which figure is at the bottom of figure(ii)?

Options :

A - 49 d Option

B - 49 c Option

C - 49 a Option

D - 50 d Option

Answer : C


Refering to the unfold figure 49 a Option will be at the bottom of figure(ii)

49 Explanation

Q 7 - On the six faces of a dice, various figures made are square, triangle, circle, rhombus, trapezium and star. Find the figure opposite to figure using following question figure.

Question 70

Options :

A - Triangle

B - Star

C - Trapezium

D - Circle

Answer : C


From the figure, it is clear that except trapezium, all other figures are represented by the adjacent face of square hence trapezium will be opposite to square.

Q 8 - Question 73

From the given figures, find the symbol opposite to O Figure provided opposite of Small Triangle is +

Options :

A - -

B - ÷

C - Either - or ÷

D - None of these

Answer : C


By drawing the unfold figure of dice according to the information given in the question figure and condition, it clear that option (c) is the correct answer.

Q 9 - Which figure will represent the question figure?

Question 90

Options :

A - 90 a Option

B - 90 b Option

C - 90 c Option

D - 90 d Option

Answer : C


From the folded figure of unfolded dice, it is clear that figure (c) will represent the question figure.

90 Explanation

On the six faces of dice, various figures have been made which are triangle, rectangle, square, circle, pentagon and hexagon respectively accordingly to the following statements.

Statements :

(i) Triangle is not on the opposite face of pentagon.

(ii) Rectangle and square are not adjacent to each other.

(iii) Pentagon is adjacent to hexagon, square, and rectangle.

(iv) Circle adjacent to square and hexagon.

Q 10 - Which figure is opposite to the pentagon?

Options :

A - Rectangle

B - Triangle

C - Circle

D - Hexagon

Answer : C


From second statement it is clear that 91 Explanation1

Again from 3rd statement it is clear that 91 Explanation2

Since first statement says that triangle is not on the opposite face of pentagon, therefore it can be concluded that only circle will be opposite to the face of pentagon.


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