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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Which will be opposite of

Question 4

Options :

A - .

B - . .

C - Dot c

D - Dot d

Answer : B


The complete unfold figure of dice corresponding to the question figure can be drawn as,

4 Explanation

Four positions of a dice has been shown in the figures. Answer the questions according to the information provided by figures.

Question 14

Q 2 - The symbol at the back side of the figure (D) is

Options :

A - Rhombus

B - Star

C - Hexagon

D - Pentagon

Answer : C


From the figures (B) and (C) it is clear that hexagon will be the opposite face of circle in figure (D).

Q 3 - Question 28

Which figure is on opposite face of rhombus?

Options :

A - Division sign

B - Arrow

C - Plus

D - Circle

Answer : A


From the unfold figure, it is clear that on the opposite side of rhombus there will be symbol of division.

28 Explanation

Q 4 - Question 40

Which figure is opposite to 24 a Option?

Options :

A - 23 a Option

B - 40 b Option

C - 40 c Option

D - 40 d Option

Answer : A


From the figures (i) and (ii), it is clear that except 23 a Option , all other figures are adjacent to 24 a Option.

Three view of a dice has been shown in the following figures.

Q 5 - Question 42

Which figure lies opposite to rr?

Options :

A - aa

B - cc

C - ss

D - tt

Answer : D


As per the question figure, the unfold figure of dice can be drawn which conclude that tt will be on opposite face of `rr’.

44 Explanation

Q 6 - Question 52

Which figure lies opposite to 52 a Option?

Options :

A - 52 b Option

B - 52 d Option

C - 52 e

D - None of these

Answer : B


From the figures (i) and (iii), it is clear that 52 b Option, 52 e,52 f and 52 c Option will lie on the adjacent face of 52 a Option which clearifies that 52 d Option must lie opposite to 52 a Option.

Q 7 - Question 62

Which letter will be opposite of `F’?

Options :

A - A

B - C

C - D

D - B

Answer : C


Various letters on opposite faces can be obtained by equating the letter which occurs more times in the question figure as A = C, D, B, F. Hence on opposite of `A’, the letter will be `E’ therefore following figure can be drawn easily.

62 Explanation

∴ Pair of opposite faces are A-E, B-C, and D-F.

Question 74

Two positions of a dice have been shown in the figures. On six faces of dice there are various figures made according to the following conditions.

(i) Circle is not on the adjacent to Inner Triangle

(ii) 7 d Option is adjacent to Inner Rectangle and Inner Triangle

Q 8 - Which figure is on back face of dice (i)?

Options :

A - 74 c Option

B - Inner Triangle

C - Inner Rectangle

D - None of these

Answer : C


As per the unfold figure Inner Rectangle will lie on the back face of figure(i).

75 Explanation

Q 9 - Which figure can be a view of question figure?

Question 86

Options :

A - 86 a Option

B - 86 b Option

C - 86 c Option

D - 86 d Option

Answer : C


The complete figure of dice can be drawn which shows that only figure (c) can be a view of the question figure.

86 Explanation

On the six faces of dice, various figures have been made which are triangle, rectangle, square, circle, pentagon and hexagon respectively accordingly to the following statements.

Statements :

(i) Triangle is not on the opposite face of pentagon.

(ii) Rectangle and square are not adjacent to each other.

(iii) Pentagon is adjacent to hexagon, square, and rectangle.

(iv) Circle adjacent to square and hexagon.

Q 10 - Which pair of figures is adjacent to triangle?

Options :

A - Pentagon and Hexagon

B - Hexagon and Rectangle

C - Rectangle and Circle

D - None of these

Answer : C


Drawing the complete figure of dice according to the statements, it is clear that rectangle and circle are adjacent to the triangle.

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