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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Question 1

Which symbol will face opposite to `α`?

Options :

A - Δ

B - σ

C - δ

D - γ

Answer : B


From the figure, it is clear that δ, γ, Δ, β can't be opposite to the symbol `α`.

1 Explanation

Four positions of a dice has been shown in the figures. Answer the questions according to the information provided by figures.

Question 14

Q 2 - Which symbol is on the opposite of face with pentagon?

Options :

A - Rhombus

B - Star

C - Circle

D - Arrow

Answer : A


From the figures (B) and (C), it is clear that circle, star arrow, and hexagon will be on the adjacent face of rhombus which indicates that pentagon must be the opposite of rhombus.

Q 3 - Question 21

Which of the following can be placed in place of question mark ?

Options :

A - ss

B - rr

C - aa

D - tt

Answer : D


Drawing the unfold figure of dice according to the question figure `tt’ can get the place of `?’.

21 Explanation

Three views of a dice have been shown referring to which give the answer of various questions given below.

Q 4 - Question 31

The pair of figures that lies adjacent to the face with figure 31 d Option is,

Options :

A - 32 b Option 31 a Option

B - 33 d Option 31 c Option

C - 33 d Option 31 a Option

D - None of these

Answer : A


From the given figure, it can be easily analyzed that ,31 c Option, 32 b Option, 31 a Option, and 31 b Option will be on the adjacent face of 31 d Option therefore from given option only option (a) representing the pair of adjacent face.

Q 5 - Question 41

Which figure is opposite to 41 figure if one face has no figure?

Options :

A - 41 a Option

B - 41 b Option

C - 41 c Option

D - 41 d Option

Answer : C


From the unfold figure of dice drawn according to the question figure, it is clear that 41 c Option is opposite to 41 figure

41 Explanation

Q 6 - Question 52

Which figure lies opposite to 52 a Option?

Options :

A - 52 b Option

B - 52 d Option

C - 52 e

D - None of these

Answer : B


From the figures (i) and (iii), it is clear that 52 b Option, 52 e,52 f and 52 c Option will lie on the adjacent face of 52 a Option which clearifies that 52 d Option must lie opposite to 52 a Option.

Q 7 - Question 62

Which letter will be opposite of `F’?

Options :

A - A

B - C

C - D

D - B

Answer : C


Various letters on opposite faces can be obtained by equating the letter which occurs more times in the question figure as A = C, D, B, F. Hence on opposite of `A’, the letter will be `E’ therefore following figure can be drawn easily.

62 Explanation

∴ Pair of opposite faces are A-E, B-C, and D-F.

Q 8 - Question 72

In the given figure, two positions of a dice has been shown. Which face will be opposite to the face of 6?

Options :

A - 2

B - 3

C - 4

D - 5

Answer : C


Using the question figure, the unfold figure of dice can be drawn as,

72 Explanation

Q 9 - Question 84

Which figure will represent the question figure?

Options :

A - 84 a Option

B - 84 b Option

C - 84 c Option

D - 84 d Option

Answer : D


By drawing the unfolded figures of the question figure, the answer figure can be found.

On the six faces of dice, various figures have been made which are triangle, rectangle, square, circle, pentagon and hexagon respectively accordingly to the following statements.

Statements :

(i) Triangle is not on the opposite face of pentagon.

(ii) Rectangle and square are not adjacent to each other.

(iii) Pentagon is adjacent to hexagon, square, and rectangle.

(iv) Circle adjacent to square and hexagon.

Q 10 - Beside hexagon, square, and rectangle, which figure is also adjacent to pentagon?

Options :

A - Triangle

B - Circle

C - Square

D - Hexagon

Answer : A


From the unfold figure of dice, it s concluded that triangle is adjacent to pentagon.

96 Explanation