Reasoning - Situation and Reaction

This chapter will help a student to judge a situation and react accordingly. Through this one would be put into a situation where he/she has to choose the correct reaction that he/she would make from the given number of choices. Though the problem sounds difficult but is too easy if you will understand the core theme of the situation. Do not assume any other things that are not told in the given passage of situation. Your reaction should be such that you must have some strong logic to support your answer.

These types of questions are often asked in the examinations. So students are advised to go through the sample problem that we have discussed below to get the glimpse about what we are actually going to face. Then by moving through quiz sections, the students are advised to go through the worked out examples sections. This is because the more you practise, the more comfortable you will be in the exam hall.

Situation −

You find that one of your friends has stolen a book from your college library.


A - Immediately go to principal sir and inform him about it.

B - Immediately go to library and inform your library sir about the theft.

C - Politely ask your friend to deposit the book in library as this is college’s property.

D - Write his name on the notice board that he has stolen the book from library.

Answer − Option C

Explanation − Now let’s analyse the situation carefully. The person is your friend. If you found that he has stolen the book then talking directly to the principal may hamper his image. Any such situation like talking to the library sir would result in same. You must look for those solutions in which the loss of image will be less but the situation will be handled well.

For this reason, talking to your friend would be the first thing that you should do. If he will not listen to your advice then you can take any extreme major step like talking to the library sir, or principal etc.

Situation −

Someone in your office always makes fun of you in front of others.


A - Complain to your boss immediately.

B - Back attack the person with vulgar words in front of everyone.

C - Deal with him politely alone and if not solved go to HR person for help.

D - Threaten him not to repeat that mistake again.

Answer − Option C

Explanation − Option B and D are more or less same and convey the same meaning of solving the problem; through violence, which should not be your ideal reaction at all. If we go through Option A also, then boss can have a negative impression on you for not being able to handle such situation by yourself.

However; option C is more logical. Deal with the person alone 1st and try to know the reason behind it. Tell him that you don’t like such behaviours. Even after that if the condition prevails then you can approach the HR. Hence; here our correct reaction should be option C.

Situation −

Your team lead in the office is absent today and there is an urgent assignment that needs to be submitted by today evening. You are more experienced than all other team mates in the work. You will;


A - Wait for the team lead to arrive.

B - Volunteer yourself and lead the team.

C - Correspond with the client regarding the problem.

D - Correspond with the boss regarding the problem.

Explanation − As you are enough experienced in your team next to your team lead, leading your team in his absence should be your reaction. You should not follow the reactions given in option C or D as they can create negative impression from both client side and boss.

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