Reasoning - Eligibility Test

This is a chapter that deals with the eligibility testing of a person for getting a job or for getting admission in an institution. Here number of conditions will be given to us for selecting a candidate for the post and simultaneously a number of test cases will be given. We have to analyse each test case and decide whether the candidate is eligible as per the condition set by the admission authority.

In this section, problems may come from simple category to a bit complex category. By complex category we mean that, it will require much of your attention to solve the problem. Therefore students are advised to go through the sample examples that we have explained below to get a clear idea about the chapter and the procedure to solve it. Then you can move into the quiz section along with the exercise problems to grasp the details. This is because the more you will practise the more comfortable you will be in the exam hall.

Following are the criteria for selection of lectures in an organization. The candidate must −

a - Have passed +2 examination in first class with at least 60% marks.

b - Be a graduate degree holder having with at least 55% marks.

c - Have experience in teaching for a minimum of 1 year.

d - Not be less than 22 years and not more than 30 years of age as on 1.1.2014.

If all conditions are satisfied but

I - At (b) above but is a post-graduate, case may be referred to the executive director(ED).

II - At (c) above but can do marketing, the case may be referred to the vice president (VP).


Manas has completed +2 from Rajdhani junior college with 65% marks and graduated from BJB College with 70%. He has teaching experience of more than 3 years and his age is 27 years.

A - If the candidate is to be selected.

B - If the case is to be referred to the general manager.

C - If the case is to be referred to the VP.

D - If the data provided is insufficient to take any decision.

E - If the candidate is not to be selected

Answer − Option A

Explanation − From the given data we can clearly see that Manas has more than 60% in +2 and more than 55% in the graduation. The experience of teaching is more than 3 years which is obviously more than the required criterion that is 1 year. Now he age is 27 years so by 1.1.2014 his age would have been 26 years and it is within the required age limit. As the candidate is satisfying all the conditions, hence, he will be selected.

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