Reasoning - Statement and Arguments

Statement and arguments are those types of problems where your decision making power and analytical power are being exercised. A given statement will have two possible arguments. The reader needs to decide which argument is much stronger enough to support the main statement. There may be a case where neither or both the statements may be strong. Sometimes even anyone of the argument can be strong. Let’s take an example to understand it in a much better way.

For Example

Statement − Does so many plans are required for the development of India?


I. Yes, proper planning is required to achieve everything.

II. No, much time and money will be wasted over here.

A - Only argument I is strong.

B - Only argument II is strong.

C - Either I or II is strong.

D - Neither I nor II is strong.

E - Both I and II are strong.

Answer − Option A

Explanation − Nothing can be achieved through proper planning. It is wise to spend much time and money on planning rather to repent after implementing some plan. So argument I is strong but argument II is not strong enough.

There are generally two types of arguments.

  • Strong argument
  • Weak argument

Strong Argument

These are the types of arguments that strongly support the given statement and give some logical base.

For example

Statement − Should only articles of well-established authors be published?


I. Yes, paper will be saved through this.

II. No, new authors will not get any chance.

Explanation − Here if we will make comparison between two arguments, we can see that argument II is much stronger because it states the need of chance that new authors to prove themselves.

Weak Arguments

These arguments are either illogical or do not have any strong point to support the given statement. Let’s take an example to understand it in a much better way.

Statement − Should prestigious people who commit a crime by mistake should be treated differently?


I. Yes, because they did the crime unintentionally.

II. No, everyone is equal before the law.

Explanation − Clearly if we will try to find the weak statement among these two we will choose the 1st argument. Because we know that crime is crime and everybody should be treated according to their deeds, irrespective of their attire.

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