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Questions and Answers

Six students waiting for their school bus at the bus stop facing north. Their names are Dibya, Rohan, Bipasha, Prabhu, Madhav and Rupali. They are sitting at the bus stop facing north. The name sequence mentioned need not be the exact that they are seated. Dibya is third to the right of Madhav. There is only one person in between Rohan and Rupali. Rupali is not at extreme. Bipasha is to the immediate right of Dibya.

Q 1 - If Bipasha is given as 6th in ranking, then who will be 2nd in rank?

A - Rupali

B - Madhav

C - Prabhu

D - Rohan

Answer : B


If we analyse the data given in the question, then we can get that the sequence is: Rohan – Madhav – Rupali – Prabhu – Dibya – Bipasha.

Madhav is 2nd in rank. Hence, option b is correct.

Alphonso family lives in New York and runs a family business. There are ten persons in Alphonso family and among them four are ladies and six are gents. The name of family members are: Jenny, Jack, Hugh, George, Sam, Susan, Anita, Jon, Mark and Liv. The family ranges from grandparents to grandchildren means there are three generations of people living in the family.

Mark Alphonso is the head of the family and is grandpa of Sam. Anita is paternal-aunt of Sam. George and Jenny are brothers and sisters of Sam. Jon is son of Susan and Jack is Jon’s sibling. Hugh is married to Anita and Jenny is daughter of Hugh.

Q 2 - How is Liv related to Jack?

A - Sister

B - Mother

C - Mother-in-law

D - Sister-in-law

Answer : D


After analysing the data, we can get the family tree as follows −

Family Tree

In the tree, we can get that Mark and Susan are head of the family and are husband and wife. They have three children and they are Jon, Jack and Anita. Jon is married to Liv and Anita married to Hugh. Sam and George are sons of Jon and Jenny is the daughter of Anita.

Liv is wife of Jon hence sister-in-law of Jack.

Six friends are sitting in a row and all of them are facing north. Name of all the friends are Mridul, Ram, Ragini, Rupa, Pankaj and Swarup not necessarily in the same order they are sitting. Ram is at one of the extreme ends. There are two persons sitting between Mridul and Swarup. Between Pankaj and Ragini, there is only one person. Rupa is second to the left of Mridul. Mridul is right of Ragini.

Q 3 - Who is third to the left of Mridul?

A - Rupa

B - Ram

C - Ragini

D - Swarup

Answer : D


After analysing the given data, we can conclude that the sitting arrangement is like this −


Swarup is third to the left of Mridul. So, option D is correct.

Six competitors waiting for their turn to perform and are waiting at the back stage sitting on a bench and all of them are facing north. Their names are Tanuja, Surjit, Preity, Lochan, Amit and Tanmayee. The name sequence mentioned need not to be the exact that they are seated. Tanuja is third to the right of Amit. There is only one person in between Surjit and Tanmayee. Tanmayee is not at extreme. Preity is to the immediate right of Tanuja.

Q 4 - If Surjit and Tanmayee interchange their places, then who will be second to the left of Tanuja?

A - Tanmayee

B - Lochan

C - Preity

D - Surjit

Answer : A


If we analyse the data given in the question then we can get the sequence as −

Surjit – Amit – Tanmayee – Lochan – Tanuja – Preity

Tanmayee will be second to the left of Tanuja, hence, option A is correct.

There are seven friends whose names are Ahmed, Gopal, Rajeev, Sreejesh, Namita, Jack and Elizabeth. They all live in Bangalore and all work in different leading multi-national companies. They work in IBM, TCS, HCL, Infosys, Accenture, Dell and HP not necessarily in the same order. They like different cars and the cars are Wagon R, Etios, Audi, Mercedes, Sumo, Travera and Celerio. Sreejesh works in TCS and likes Mercedes car. The one who works in Infosys likes Sumo car. And the one who works in Accenture likes Travera car. Namita does not like Travera or Sumo. Jack does not like Audi or Etios. Elizabeth likes Audi car. Ahmed likes to work in IBM. Gopal likes Wagon R car. Namita likes Celerio car. Rajeev does not like Travera car. Gopal does not work in Dell or HP. Namita does not work in Dell.

Q 5 - Which is correct for Ahmed?

A - IBM, Audi

B - IBM, Etios

C - HCL, Wagon R

D - HCL, Mercedes

Answer : B


If we look at the question and analyse the data then we can find that −

Name Company Cars
Gopal HCL Wagon R
Rajeev Infosys Sumo
Sreejesh TCS Mercedes
Namita HP Celerio
Jack Accenture Travera
Eizabeth Dell Audi
Ahmed IBM Etios

Ahmed works in IBM and likes etios car, hence, option B is correct.

There are eight teachers in a primary school named Vivekananda Sikshakendra and their names are Amir, Puja, Jai, Ravi, Rabeya, Kali, Raja and Ranjan. Ranjan, Raja, Amir and Puja sit in row I facing south. Similarly Kali, Rabeya, Jai and Ravi sit in row II facing north. So all the students face each other in the arrangement. Ranjan sits at one of the ends. Amir is second to the left of Ranjan. Kali faces Amir. Rabeya is not at one end. Ranjan does not face Ravi. Rabeya does not face Raja.

Q 6 - Who is immediate right of Puja in this arrangement?

A - Amir

B - Raja

C - Ranjan

D - Kali

Answer : C


The arrangement is as follows

Row I Ranjan Puja Amir Raja

Row II Jai Rabeya Kali Ravi

The persons in row I and row II face each other. So, immediate right of Puja in this arrangement is Ranjan.

Six persons P,Q,R,S,T and U are sitting in a row, but not necessarily in the same order. All members of the row are facing north.

Q sits third to the left of U.

P is not the neighbour of S and U.

S sits on the immediate right of Q.

T sits second to the left of Q.

Q 7 - Who sits second to the right of Q?

A - T

B - R

C - S

D - P

Answer : B


R sits second to the right of Q. We can observe it from arrangement as follows −


Hence, option B is correct.

Read the information and answer the questions following them.

  • Kamalakant, Nandini, Akruti, Sekhar, Sushil and Sneha are six members of a family.

  • Sushil is the father of Sekhar.

  • Kamalakant is the grandson of Nandini.

  • There are two married couples among them. The total number of female members in the family is three.

  • Akruti is the mother of Kamalakant and Sneha.

Based on the given information, answer the following question −

Q 8 - How is Sneha related to Kamalakant?

A - Brother

B - Daughter

C - Son

D - None of the above

Answer : D


Male Female
Grand Parents Sushil Nandini
Parents Sekhar Akruti
Children Kamalakant Sneha

Sneha is sister of Kamalakant.

Study the following information carefully to answer the given question.

Five friends A, B, C, D, and E have their favourite subjects- Hindi, Maths, Sanskrit, Science and Computer Science, but not necessarily in the same order. Each of them studies in a different standard- V, VI, VII, VIII and IX but not necessarily in the same order.

C’s favourite subject is Hindi and he studies neither in Std VI nor in Std IX. B likes Sanskrit and studies in std VII. The one who likes Science studies in Std VI.D likes Computer Science and studies in Std VIII.E do not like Science.

Q 9 - Who studies in std IX?

A - B

B - E

C - C

D - F

Answer : B


A Science VI

B Sanskrit VII

C Hindi V

D Computer Science VIII

E Math IX

E studies in standard IX.

A family consists of six members Payal, Sajan, Rohan, Sita, Tutu and Balram. There are two married couples. Sajan is an IAS and the father of Tutu. Balram is grandfather of Rohan and is a businessman. Sita is grandmother of Tutu and is a housewife. There is one IAS, one businessman, one air hostess, one housewife and two students in the family.

Based on the data provided, answer the following question.

Q 10 - Which of the following is the married couple?

A - Sajan Tutu

B - Balram Sita

C - Tutu Sita

D - Rohan Payal

Answer : B


The family tree is like this −

Persons Professions
Payal Air Hostess
Sajan IAS
Rohan Student
Sita Housewife
Tutu Student
Bairam Business man

Balram Sita is a married couple in the question.