Aptitude - Races & games of skill

Important Terms


A contest of speed in running, riding, driving, sailing, rowing is called a race.

Race course

The ground or path on which contests are made is called a race course.

Wining point

The point set to bind a race is called a winning point or goal.


The person who first reaches the winning point is called a winner.

Dead heat race

If all the persons contesting a race reach the goal exactly at the same time, then the race is said to be dead heat race.


A game of 100m means that the person among the contesting who scores 100 points first is the winner. If A scores 100 point while B scores only 80 points, then we say that A can give B 20 points.


Suppose A and B are two participant in the race. If before the start of the race, A is at the starting point and B is ahead of A by 12 meters, then we say that A gives B, a start of 12 m. To cover a race of 100m in this case, A will have to cover only (100-12)=88m. In a 100m race, A can give B 12 m or A can give B a start of 12 m. or A beats B by 12 m means that while A runs 100m, B runs only 88 m.

Solved Examples

Solved Examples