Aptitude - Line Charts

A line chart or line graph is a kind of chart to display information as a series of data points called 'markers'. These markers are connected by straight line segments. It is a very commonly used chart in many fields. Normally measurement points are ordered by their x-axis values and joined with straight line segments. A line chart is normally used to visualize a data trend over the periods of time or to represent a time series drawn chronologically.

Percent Rise in Production over the years

For example, using the above chart, you want to check in which of the years the percent rise in production was minimum?

percent rise from the earlier year in 
2000 (10/40*100) % = 25%, 
2004 (20/100*100) % = 20% 
2005 (10/120* 100) % = 8.3%, 
2006 (10/130*100) % = 7.7% 

∴ In 2006, the percent rise in production was minimum compared to other years. 

Solved Examples

Solved Examples
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