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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - The angle of elevation of a ladder leaning against a wall is 60° and the foot of the ladder is 4.6 m away from the wall. The length of the ladder is:

A - 15√3

B - 7.5

C - 15√2

D - 7.5√2

Answer : D


Height & Distance Solution 1

Let AB be the wall and BC be the ladder.
Then, ∠ACB = 45° and AC = 7.5 m
AC/BC= Cos (45) =1/√2

Q 2 - An aeroplane when 750 m high passes vertically above another aeroplane at an instant when their angles of elevation at same observing point are 45° and 30&de; respectively. Approximately, how many meters higher is the one than the other?

A - 250(1- √3)

B - 750(3- √3)

C - 250(3- √3)

D - 275(1- √3)

Answer : C


Height & Distance Solution 5

Let C and D be the position of the aeroplanes.
Given that CB = 900 m,∠CAB = 60°,∠DAB = 45°
From the right △ ABC,
From the right △ ADB,
=> Required height CD=CB-DB=750-750/√3=250(3- √3)

Q 3 - A man in a boat is rowing away from a cliff (180 meters high), take 90 seconds to change angle of elevation of the top of cliff from 30° to 45°.The speed of the boat is

A - 2(√3) m/sec

B - 3(√3-1) m/sec

C - 2(√3-1) m/sec

D - (√3-1) m/sec

Answer : C


Height & Distance Solution 8

From right angled triangle ADB,
Tan45=AB/AD =>AB=AD=180
 From right angled triangle ACB,
Tan 30=180/(CD+180)
Speed =Distance/Time=180(√3-1)/90=2(√3-1) m/sec

Q 4 - The shadow of a building is 10 m long when the point of rise of the sun is 60°. Discover the building's stature.

A - 16.32m

B - 17.32 m

C - 18.32 m

D - 19.32m

Answer : B


Height & Distance Solution 12

Let AB be the building and AC be its shadow.
Then, AC=20m and ∠ACB=60°.Let AB= x m.
Presently AB/AC=tan 60°=√3=>x/10=√3
=>x=10√3m= (10*1.732) m=17.32m.
∴ Height of the building is 17.32m.

Q 5 - Two men are inverse sides of a tower. They gauge the edge of the rise of the highest point of the tower as 30° and 45° respectively. On the off chance that the tallness of the tower is 50 m, discover the separation between the two men. (Take √3=1.732)

A - 135.5m

B - 136.5 m

C - 137.5 m

D - 138.5m

Answer : B


Height & Distance Solution 15

Let AB be the tower and let C and D be the two's positions men.
At that point ∠ACB=30°,∠ADB= 45°and AB= 50 m
AC/AB = Cot30°=√3 => AC/50 = √3
AD/AB=cot 45°=1 => AD/50=1
=> AD=50M.
Separation between the two men =CD= (AC+AD)
= (50√3+50) m=50(√3+1)

Q 6 - At a moment, the shadow's length of a shaft is √3 times the stature of the shaft. The edge of rise of the sun is:

A - 30°

B - 45°

C - 60°

D - 75°

Answer : A


Height & Distance Solution 17

Let AB be the post and AC be its shadow.
Let AB =X m. Then, AC= √3Xm.Let∠ACB=θ.
AB/AC=tanθ => tanθ = X/√3X = 1/√3 =tan30°.
∴ θ = 30°.
Hence, the point of rise is 30°.

Q 7 - A kite is flying at a tallness of 75 m from the level of ground, joined to a string slanted at 60° to the level. The string's length is:

A - 50 √2 m

B - 50√3 m

C - 50m/√2

D - 50m/√3

Answer : B


Height & Distance Solution 20

Let AB be the kite and AC be the level ground
So that BC - AC.
At that point, ∠BAC=60°and BC=75m. Let AB=x meters.
Presently AB/BC=coses60°=2/ √3
=> x/75=2/√3 =>x=150/√3 =150* √3/3=50 √3m.
∴ Length of the string=50 √3m.

Q 8 - From a point on a scaffold over the waterway, the edge of dejection of the banks on inverse sides of the waterway is 30°and 45°respectively. In the event that the scaffold is at tallness of 2.5m from the banks, find the width of the Stream. (Take √3=1.732)

A - 5.78m

B - 6.83m

C - 7.24m

D - 6.7m

Answer : B


Height & Distance Solution 24

Let and B be two point on the banks on inverse sides of the stream.
Let P be a point on the scaffold at stature of 2.5m.
Let PQ-AB.
PQ=2.5m.∠BAP=30°and ∠ABP=45°.
QB/PQ=cot45°=1 => QB/2.5=1 => QB=2.5m.
AQ/PQ =cot30°=√3 => AQ/2.5= √3 => AQ= (2.5)√3m.
Width of the stream =AB= (AQ+QB)=2.5(√3+1)
5/2(1.732+1) m=6.83m.


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