Selenium - IDE

The Selenium-IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an easy-to-use Firefox plug-in to develop Selenium test cases. It provides a Graphical User Interface for recording user actions using Firefox which is used to learn and use Selenium, but it can only be used with Firefox browser as other browsers are not supported.

However, the recorded scripts can be converted into various programming languages supported by Selenium and the scripts can be executed on other browsers as well.

The following table lists the sections that we are going to cover in this chapter.

Sr.No. Title & Description
1 Download Selenium IDE

This section deals with how to download and configure Selenium IDE.

2 Selenium IDE Features

This section deals with the features available in Selenium IDE.

3 Creating Selenium IDE Tests

This section deals with how to create IDE tests using recording feature.

4 Selenium IDE Script Debugging

This section deals with debugging the Selenium IDE script.

5 Inserting Verification Points

This section describes how to insert verification points in Selenium IDE.

6 Selenium Pattern Matching

This section deals with how to work with regular expressions using IDE.

7 Selenium User Extensions

The Java script that allows users to customize or add new functionality.

8 Different Browser Execution

This section deals with how to execute Selenium IDE scripts on different browsers.

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