Selenium - IDE Tool Features

The following image shows the features of Selenium IDE with the help of a simple tool-tip.

Selenium IDE 4

The features of the record tool bar are explained below.

Control Control Name Description
Speed Control Speed Control This helps in controlling the speed of the test case runs.
Run All Run All Executes the entire test suite that contains multiple test cases.
Run Run Executes the currently selected test.
Pause/Resume Pause/Resume Allows user to pause or resume the script execution. Enabled only during the execution.
Step Step Helps user to debug the test by executing only one step of a test case at a time.
Test Runner Mode Test Runner Mode Allows user to execute the test case in a browser loaded with the selenium Core. It is an obsolete functionality that likely to be deprecated.
Apply Rollup Rules Apply Rollup Rules This features allows repetitive sequences of selenium commands to be grouped into a single action.
Record Record This features helps user to Records the user's browser actions.
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