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Test Completion Criterion

What is Test Completion Criterion?

A check against the test exit criteria is very much essential before we claim that the testing is completed. Before putting an end to test process the product quality is measured against the test completion criteria.

The Exit criterion is connected to the test coverage, test case design technique adopted, risk level of the product varies from one test level to another.

Test Completion Criteria - Examples:

  • Specified coverage has been achieved.

  • No Showstoppers or critical defects.

  • There are very few known medium or low-priority defects that don't affect the usage of the product.

Test Completion Criteria - Significance:

  • If Exit criterion has not met, the test cannot be stopped.

  • The Exit criterion has to be revamped or the time should be extended for testing based on the quality of the product.

  • Any changes to the test completion criterion must be documented and signed off by the stakeholders.

  • The testware can be released upon successful completion of exit criteria.

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