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Requirements Traceability Matrix


What is Requirement traceability Matrix (RTM)?

Requirements tracing, a process of documenting the links between the requirements and the work products developed to implement and verify those requirements. The RTM captures all requirements and their traceability in a single document delivered at the conclusion of the life cycle.

RTM - WorkFlow:

The Matrix is created at the very beginning of a project as it forms the basis of the project's scope and deliverables that will be produced.

The Matrix is bi-directional, as it tracks the requirement forward by examining the output of the deliverables and backward by looking at the business requirement that was specified for a particular feature of the product.

requirements traceability matrix in Test Life Cycle

Requirement traceability Matrix - Parameters:

  • Requirement ID

  • Risks

  • Requirement Type

  • Requirement Description

  • Trace to Design Specification

  • Unit Test Cases

  • Integration Test Cases

  • System Test Cases

  • User Acceptance Test Cases

  • Trace to Test Script

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