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Benchmark Testing

What is Benchmark Testing?

Benchmark testing is a part of the software development life cycle that involves both developers and database administrators (DBAs) to determine current performance and make changes to improve the performances of the same.

The coding should be done very efficiently along with fine tuning the databases so that user can experience the performance improvements.

The Components that are Benchmarked

There are various components in a software that need to be benchmarked to realize the performance changes.

  • SQL Queries

  • SQL Indexes

  • SQL Procedures

  • SQL Triggers

  • Table Space Configurations

  • Hardware Configurations

  • Application Code

  • Networks

  • Firewalls

How to Perform Benchmark Testing ?

Benchmark Testing Should be performed on the same environmental parameters under same conditions so that we can compare the results.

Characteristics of Benchmark include:

  • The Tests should be repeatable

  • Each time, the tests should be executed under the same environmental conditions.

  • There should not be any other applications in active state other than the ones that are required for testing purposes.

  • The Software and Hardware components should be in-line with the specifications of the production environment.