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Syntax Integration Testing

What is System Integration Testing?

System Integration Testing(SIT) is a black box testing technique that evaluates the system's compliance against specified requirements. System Integration Testing is usually performed on subset of system while system testing is performed on a complete system and is preceded by the user acceptance test (UAT).

The SIT can be performed with minimum usage of testing tools, verified for the interactions exchanged and the behaviour of each data field within individual layer is investigated. After the integration, there are three main states of data flow:

System Integration Testing - Main States:

  • Data state within the integration layer

  • Data state within the database layer

  • Data state within the Application layer

Granularity in System Integration Testing:

  • Intra-system testing

  • Inter-system testing

  • Pairwise testing

System Integration Testing Techniques:

  • Top-down Integration Testing

  • Bottom-up Integration Testing

  • Sandwich Integration Testing

  • Big-bang Integration Testing