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Feasible Path


What is a Feasible Path?

A control flow path through a function or a procedure is possible if there is an assignment to input values which drives execution down the path. We can also make use of a regular expression to describe a set of paths.

Feasible Path Analysis depends on:

  • Associated type of constants and variable declarations of a function.

  • The Path from start to end.


The path can be well analysed using White Box testing technique, in which test cases are constructed from code without reference to requirements or specifications. A collection of test cases are constructed to satisfy one or more coverage criteria.

  • Statement Coverage : Each statement of the program should be exercised with minimal number of tests.

  • Decision Coverage : The outcome of every decision should exercised to true and false.

  • Condition Coverage : Apart from testing the outcomes of each decision, the various ways of in which each outcome can be reached through different values of subconditions within a decision must be exercised.

  • Path Coverage : All the control flow paths through out the program is tested.

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