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Business Process


What is a Business Process?

A business process is a collection of activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product for end users. It is usually represented as a flowchart as a sequence of activities that points to a Process Matrix.

Business process Modelling is carried out by Process owners or product owners to enable the test team to test efficiently. It aims to improve business performance by optimising the efficiency of the associated activities of a product or service.

Business Process Life Cycle:

Business Process Life cycle has various phases as listed below:

Business Process Life Cycle

Business Process Testing [BPT]:

It is a tool used for an automated and manual testing for designing tests, maintaining tests and executing tests. The reusable tests are usually designed by Business Analysts for improving test efficiency.

Benefits and Features of BPT :

  • Allows non-technical subject matter expertise to quickly build a reusable test workflow.

  • It reduces the effort required for test maintenance.

  • It converts the manual tests to manual test components.

  • It provides a framework to build User Acceptance Tests to meet the requirements.

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