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What do you meant by review?

A review is a systematic examination of a document by one or more people with the main aim of finding and removing errors early in the software development life cycle. Reviews are used to verify documents such as requirements, system designs, code, test plans and test cases.

Reviews are usually performed manually while static analysis of the tools is performed using tools.

Importance of Review Process:

  • Productivity of Dev team is improved and timescales reduced because the correction of defects in early stages and work-products will help to ensure that those work-products are clear and unambiguous.

  • Testing costs and time is reduced as there is enough time spent during the initial phase.

  • Reduction in costs because fewer defects in the final software.

Types of Defects during Review Process:

  • Deviations from standards either internally defined or defined by regulatory or a trade organisation.

  • Requirements defects.

  • Design defects.

  • Incorrect interface specifications.

Review Stages - Workflow:

Review in Software Test Life Cycle