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Feature Testing

What is a Feature Testing?

A Software feature can be defined as the changes made in the system to add new functionality or modify the existing functionality. Each feature is said to have a characteristics that is designed to be useful, intuitive and effective.

In reality, a new test set is created for testing that feature corresponding to that cycle of that release. The extremely important and generally used new features ought to be tested thoroughly in each build of that release and also regression testing should be done relevant to those areas.

How to Effectively Test a Feature ?

  • Understanding the Feature : One Should read the requirement or specification corresponding to that feature thoroughly.

  • Build Test Scenarios : Testers should Develop the test cases exclusively to test the feature. Hence, the coverage, traceability can be maintained.

  • Prepare Positive and Negative DataSets : Testers should have the test data covering all possible negative, positive and boundary cases before the start of the testing.

  • How it is Implemented : Testers should know how the feature has been implemented on application layer and the relevant changed to the back end if any. This will give us clarity on the impacted areas.

  • Deploy the Build Early : Testers should start testing the feature early in the cycle and report the defects and the same process should be repeated throughout the release builds.

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