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What is a Requirement?

The requirements are the high-level descriptions about a particular system services, constraints or to a detailed specification that are generated during the requirements gathering process.

Requirement Types:

  • User Requirements - It is a detailed description in natural language along with diagrams of the services the system provides and its operational constraints. It is usually developed by end users.

  • System requirements - It is a structured document detailing the descriptions of the system's functions, services and operational constraints.

  • Functional Requirements - It describes the services of the system, how the system should react to particular inputs and how the system should behave in definite situations.

  • Non-functional Requirements - It describes the attributes of the system.

  • Domain Requirements - Requirements that arises from the domain of the application and that reflect characteristics of that domain. It can be either functional or non-functional specifications.

Requirement Document Structure:

  • Preface

  • Introduction

  • User requirements definition

  • System architecture

  • System requirements specification

  • System models

  • Appendix