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Maintainability Testing

What is Maintainability Testing ?

The term maintainability corresponds to the ability to update or modify the system under test. This is a very important parameter as the system is subjected to changes throughout the software life cycle.

To make Maintainability Testing more effective, testers should include static analysis and reviews as these are hard to spot during dynamic testing while it is easily captured in code walkthrough and inspection.

Maintainability Testing Checklist:

  • Verifying the development standards such as structured programming, standards for database approach, recognizable nomenclature and standards for the user interfaces

  • Verify if the data processing split up into subtransactions?

  • Verify if the input, the processing and the output have been implemented separately

  • Verify if the programs have been parameterized under necessary conditions to promote reusuability.

  • Verify if the systems are distributed.

  • Verify if the algorithms are optimized.