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Localization Testing

What is Localization Testing?

Localization testing is performed to verify the quality of a product's localization for a particular target culture/locale and is executed only on the localized version of the product.

Localization Testing - Characteristics:

  • Modules affected by localization, such as UI and content

  • Modules specific to Culture/locale-specific, language-specific, and region-specific

  • Critical Business Scenarios Testing

  • Installation and upgrading tests run in the localized environment

  • Plan application and hardware compatibility tests according to the product's target region.

Localization Testing - UI Testing:

  • Check for linguistic errors and resource attributes

  • Typographical errors

  • Verify the systems adherence to the input, and display environment standards

  • Usability testing of the User interface

  • Verify cultural appropriateness of UI such as colour, design, etc.