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Soak Testing

What is Soak Testing?

Soak Testing also known as Endurance Testing is performed to determine if the application under test can sustain the continuous loads.

Soak testing, non-functional testing involves examining the system if it can withstand a huge load for a longer period of time and there by measuring the system's reaction parameters.

Issues found - Soak Testing:

  • Serious memory leaks that would eventually result in application or Operating System crash

  • Failure to close connections between the layers of the system could stall some or all modules of the system.

  • Failure to close database connections under some conditions might result in the complete system crash.

  • Gradual degradation of response time of the system as the application becomes less efficient as a result of prolonged test.


A system may behave as expected when tested for about 2 hours but when the same system is tested for 5 hours or even more than that, the problems such as memory leaks cause the system to fail or behave randomly or even the application might crash.