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Operational Testing

What is Operational Testing?

Operational acceptance testing (OAT), a testing technique performed to verify the operational readiness (pre-release) of a product or application under test as part of Software test life cycle. This testing technique mainly focusses on operational readiness of the system, which is supposed to mimic the production environment.

Types of Operational Acceptance Testing:

  • Operational Documentation Review

  • Code Analysis

  • Installation Testing

  • End-to-End Test Environment Operational Testing

  • Service Level Agreement Monitoring Test

  • Load & Performance Test Operation

  • Security Testing

  • Backup and Restore Testing

  • Fail over Testing

  • Recovery Testing

OAT Testing Approach:

  • Build the system to mimic Prod Environment

  • Deploy the build

  • Supportability of the system

  • Backup/Recovery procedure Validation