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What is heuristics?

Heuristics refers to a non-optimal solution for experience-based techniques to solve problems, learning, and discovery.

Heuristics of Software Testability

  • Controllability - Software and hardware states can be controlled by test engineers and the Software modules can be tested independently

  • Observability - Check for the object or System states and all other factors affecting the output.

  • Availability - Check if Source code is accessible as product evolves in stages.

  • Simplicity - Check if the design is consistent. Check for functional simplicity, structural simplicity and code simplicity.

  • Stability - Check if the Changes to the software are infrequent and changes are controlled and communicated.

Heuristics Interface for User Interface Design (UID)

  • Visibility of system status

  • Match between system and the real world

  • Consistency and standards

  • Error prevention

  • Flexibility and efficiency of use

  • Aesthetic and minimalist design

  • Help and documentation