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What is Harness?

Test Harness, also known as automated test framework mostly used by developers. A test harness provides stubs and drivers, which will be used to replicate the missing items, which are small programs that interact with the software under test.

Test Harness Features:

  • To execute a set of tests within the framework or using the test harness

  • To key in inputs to the application under test

  • Provide a flexibility and support for debugging

  • To capture outputs generated by the software under test

  • To record the test results(pass/fail) for each one of the tests

  • Helps the developers to measure code coverage at code level.

Test Harness Benefits:

  • Increased productivity as automation is in place.

  • Improved quality of software as automation helps us to be efficient.

  • Provides Tests that can be scheduled.

  • Can handle complex conditions that testers are finding it difficult to simulate.