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Code Inspection

What is code Inspection?

Code Inspection is the most formal type of review, which is a kind of static testing to avoid the defect multiplication at a later stage.

  • The main purpose of code inspection is to find defects and it can also spot any process improvement if any.

  • An inspection report lists the findings, which include metrics that can be used to aid improvements to the process as well as correcting defects in the document under review.

  • Preparation before the meeting is essential, which includes reading of any source documents to ensure consistency.

  • Inspections are often led by a trained moderator, who is not the author of the code.

  • The inspection process is the most formal type of review based on rules and checklists and makes use of entry and exit criteria.

  • It usually involves peer examination of the code and each one has a defined set of roles.

  • After the meeting, a formal follow-up process is used to ensure that corrective action is completed in a timely manner.

Where Code Inspection fits in ?

Code Inspection in Software Testing