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Scenario Testing

What is Scenario Testing?

Scenario testing is a software testing technique that makes best use of scenarios. Scenarios help a complex system to test better where in the scenarios are to be credible which are easy to evaluate.

Methods in Scenario Testing:

  • System scenarios

  • Use-case and role-based scenarios

Strategies to Create Good Scenarios:

  • Enumerate possible users their actions and objectives

  • Evaluate users with hacker's mindset and list possible scenarios of system abuse.

  • List the system events and how does the system handle such requests.

  • List benefits and create end-to-end tasks to check them.

  • Read about similar systems and their behaviour.

  • Studying complaints about competitor's products and their predecessor.

Scenario Testing Risks:

  • When the product is unstable, scenario testing becomes complicated.

  • Scenario testing are not designed for test coverage.

  • Scenario tests are often heavily documented and used time and again