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Independent Testing

What is Independent Testing?

Independent testing corresponds to an independent team, who involve in testing activities other than developer to avoid author bias and is often more effective at finding defects and failures.

Levels of Independent Testing

The following list shows the increasing levels of independence for testing:

  • Testing done by developer himself

  • Independent testers ceded to the development team

  • Independent Testing Team within Organization

  • Independent Testers of different Organization

  • Outsourced test team members of other organization


  • The tester sees each defect in a neutral perspective

  • The tester is totally unbiased

  • The tester sees what has been built rather than what the developer thought

  • The tester makes no assumptions regarding quality


  • Isolation from the development team can sometimes lead to outdated documentation reference.

  • The independent test execution is normally the last stage and affected by any delays earlier in the process.

  • Developers might be irresponsible for quality as they might assume that independent testing team is there to find the issues within the system

  • Independent testing can sometimes act as a hindrance to communication.