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Quality Control


What is Quality Control?

Quality control is a set of methods used by organizations to achieve quality parameters or quality goals and continually improve the organization's ability to ensure that a software product will meet quality goals.

Quality Control Process:

Quality Control in Test Life Cycle

The three class parameters that control software quality are:

  • Products

  • Processes

  • Resources

The total quality control process consists of:

  • Plan - It is the stage where the Quality control processes are planned

  • Do - Use a defined parameter to develop the quality

  • Check - Stage to verify if the quality of the parameters are met

  • Act - Take corrective action if needed and repeat the work

Quality Control characteristics:

  • Process adopted to deliver a quality product to the clients at best cost.

  • Goal is to learn from other organizations so that quality would be better each time.

  • To avoid making errors by proper planning and execution with correct review process.

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