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Test Data

What is Test Data?

Test Data is data that is used to execute the tests on testware. Test data needs to be precise and exhaustive to uncover the defects.

Test data preparation tools:

DTM Data GeneratorSQLEdithttp://www.sqledit.com/
SQL Data GeneratorRed-Gate http://www.red-gate.com/
EMS Data GeneratorEMS http://www.sqlmanager.net/
E-Naxos DataGenE-Naxos http://www.e-naxos.com/UsIndex.html
IBM DB2 Test DatabaseIBMhttp://www.ibm.com/us/en/

Test Data Generation Techniques:

  • Random Test Data Generators

  • Goal-Oriented Test Data Generators

  • Pathwise Test Data Generators

  • Intelligent Test Data Generators