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Microsoft Visio - Inserting Hyperlinks

In this chapter, we will learn how to hyperlink websites, files, and pages.

Hyperlinking Websites

To insert a hyperlink, first create a text box by going to the Insert tab in the Ribbon and drawing a horizontal text box for the text that represents the hyperlink such as ‘Website’ or ‘Click here to visit us’. This text now needs to be converted into a hyperlink.

To do so, select the text in the text box and in the Insert tab again. Click Link to open the Hyperlinks dialog box.

You can specify the links to websites or a local file on your computer. Click OK to convert the selected text into a hyperlink.


Hyperlinking Files

You can directly hyperlink a text or a shape to a file. Double-clicking the text or shape opens the hyperlinked file. The procedure is similar to hyperlinking a website.

Select the shape or text that you want to create a hyperlink for and click the Link button in the Insert tab of the Ribbon.

In the Hyperlinks dialog box, click Browse… adjacent to the Address field and click Local File… to browse to the location of the file.

Hyperlink Files

Make sure that the Use relative path for hyperlink box is selected to ensure that the file path is updated automatically when you change the file location.

Hyperlinking Pages

Visio also makes it possible to hyperlink pages in a multi-page document so that clicking the link will directly take you to the linked page.

To hyperlink pages, select a text or shape to be linked to and click Links in the Insert tab in the Ribbon. In the Hyperlinks dialog box, make sure to click Browse… adjacent to the Sub-address field. Select the destination page in the Page field. You can also set a default zoom level in the Zoom dropdown menu so that navigating to the linked page opens it at the desired zoom.

Click OK twice to set the hyperlink.

Hyperlink Pages