• Microsoft Visio Tutorial

Export Diagrams to JPG or GIF

Similar to PDF, Visio can also export image formats such as JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and Bitmap. Exporting image formats is useful while sharing the drawing easily with others or to put it up on a web page.

To export a drawing, go to the File menu, click Save As and in the Save As type field, choose from the list of supported formats. You can choose from any of the abovementioned graphics formats.

Once you choose a graphics format to export to, you will get some options to choose from depending on the capabilities of the graphic format. In the following example, we see that selecting the JPEG File Interchange Format shows up a lot of options for customizing the output.

The options in the Operation and Color format fields are format specific. You can leave them mostly as default. Set the Background color as white if you have a background for the drawing. Set the Quality as needed. You can also rotate the drawing or flip it horizontally or vertically.

JPG Output Options

The resolution and size of the output diagram can be matched with the screen, printer, or source. You can also input a custom resolution or size. Click OK.