Verbal Ability - Prepositions


Prepositions, as per their name, are always used before nouns. They are used to mention the location, position, or order of occurrence of something.

List of Widely Used Prepositions

The following is a list of the most widely-used prepositions.

Preposition Meaning Examples
Above higher than, or over The stars are above our heads
Across from one side to other It's dangerous to run across the road.
  • Following
  • later than
  • he dog ran after the cat.
  • I'll call you after the game.
  • Opposite to
  • in contact with
  • Lying is against my principle.
  • The painting is against the wall.
Along from one end to the other Let’s walk along the street.
Among surrounded by I was among the viewers.
  • in a circle
  • near, approximately
  • We walked around the fountain.
  • It costs around ten rupees now.
  • earlier than
  • in front of
  • I left the day before yesterday.
  • She bowed before me in respect.
Behind at the back of I like to sit behind the wheel.
Below lower than There’s a scar below his chin.
Beneath under The plane was beneath the clouds.
Beside next to My home is beside the stall.
Between in the space separating two things Maya sat between Taj and me.
By near, at the side of The park is by the lake
Close To near My office is near the traffic junction
Down from higher to lower She pulled down the calendar.
For what is intended I got this rose for her.
From where something starts This tunnel starts from here.
In at a point within an area The pen is in my pocket.
In Front Of directly before I had to stand in front of the lift.
Inside on the inner part of The bird is inside its nest.
Into enter a closed space He went into the building.
Near close to My school was near the airport.
Next To beside The mall is next to theater.
Off down or away from He fell off his cycle.
On in a position touching a surface The cutlery is on the dining table.
Onto move to a position on a surface The cat jumped onto the tin roof.
Opposite facing, on the other side I sat opposite Chetan in the library.
Out Of move from a closed space without
  • He got out of the taxi.
  • Jane is out of work at the moment.
Outside on the outer side The garden is outside the suburbs.
  • above/across
  • on the surface of
  • We flew over the Pacific.
  • She put a lid on the dish.
Past beyond She drove past the school.
Round in a circular motion The earth moves round the sun.
Through from one side to other We will be traveling through the town.
Throughout in every part The news spread throughout the country.
To in the direct of / towards I am on my way to office.
Towards in the direction of The child ran towards her father.
Under beneath, below Water flows under the bridge.
Underneath beneath There was dust underneath the rug.
Up towards or in a higher position She walked up the stairs.