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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - In SAP FICO system, which of the following is not a components under Finance Accouting?

A - General Ledger


C - Fixed Assets

D - Cost Center

Answer : D


Finance Accouting

Q 2 - Which of the following is used to differentiate transactions that comes from different line of business in a company?

A - Business Area

B - Credit Control

C - Functional Area

D - General Ledger

Answer : A

Q 3 - Which of the following Transaction code can be used to create a new G/L account?

A - FS00

B - OB53

C - OBD4

D - OB13

Answer : A

Q 4 - In Field status group, field is available in screen, but it's grayed out, you cannot fill anything in here. This is known as −

A - Suppress

B - Optional

C - Require

D - Display

Answer : D


Suppress − The field is hidden in screen

Optional − The field is available in screen, you can keep it blank or fill it.

Require − The field is available in screen, and you have to fill it.

Display − The field is available in screen, but it's grayed out, you cannot fill anything in here.

Q 5 - What is the document type key to show a customer payment business transaction?

A - AA

B - AN

C - DZ

D - KA

E - DR

Answer : C


Common Document types Key are −

Document Type Document Type Description
AA Asset Posting
AN Net Asset Posting
DR Customer Invoice
DZ Customer Payment
KA Vendor Document
KG Vendor Credit Memo

Q 6 - While archiving customer master records that you no longer need, which of the following deletion flag you can set?

A - All Area

B - Selected Company code

C - Selected Sales area

D - B and C

E - All of the above

Answer : E

Q 8 - Which of the following t-code can be used to post incoming payment?

A - F18

B - F28

C - F38

D - F11

Answer : B

Answer : E


Automatic Payment Program serves the purpose of posting accounts payable like payment to a vendor based on vendor invoices automatically, shortly termed as APP.

It is used to find out due/overdue invoices and to process list of customer and vendor invoices to make payments in one go. APP can’t be used for all company codes from different countries.

Answer : C