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Questions and Answers

Answer : A


A General Ledger contains all the transaction details of a company. It acts as primary record to maintain all accounting details. Common general ledger entries are customer transactions, purchases from vendors, and internal company transactions.

Q 2 - Which of the following is used to differentiate transactions that comes from different line of business in a company?

A - Business Area

B - Credit Control

C - Functional Area

D - General Ledger

Answer : A

Q 3 - How many posting periods you can define in a fiscal year in controlling component CO?

A - 8

B - 16

C - 24

D - 32

Answer : B

Q 4 - Which of the following can be maintained in GL account and defines the fields while posting to the GL account?

A - Field Status Variant

B - Field Status Group

C - Posting Periods

D - None of these

Answer : B


Field status variant will have filed status groups. Filed status group is maintained in GL account and It defines the field’s while posting to the GL.

Q 5 - To create a stock outward movement material credit what is the posting key for this?

A - 70

B - 75

C - 89

D - 99

Answer : D


Asset Posting Keys

Posting Key Description Debit/Credit
70 Debit Asset Debit
75 Credit Asset Credit

Material Posting Keys

Posting Key Description Debit/Credit
89 Stock Inward Movement Material Debit
99 Stock outward Movement Material Credit

Q 7 - While creating a vendor for a company code, which of the following field is used to determine payment details - immediately, after 7 days?

A - Recon account

B - Company code

C - Sort key

D - Payt terms

Answer : D

Q 8 - Consider a case- you have an invoice # 23156 and this invoice will remain open till you receive a payment for this invoice. When a payment is received a new document is created # 50000678, when you enter the receipt and this document also becomes the clearing document. Now due to some error, when you have to reverse this payment document, which of the following can be used to perform this?

A - Outgoing Partial Payments

B - Withholding Tax in vendor invoice

C - Reset AP Cleared Items

D - Automatic Payment Program

Answer : C


In SAP FI, you can clear vendor payment if an incorrect payment is made in Account Payables.

When you use this, the system will first reset the documents as open items and then reverse the document #.

Answer : E


Automatic Payment Program serves the purpose of posting accounts payable like payment to a vendor based on vendor invoices automatically, shortly termed as APP.

It is used to find out due/overdue invoices and to process list of customer and vendor invoices to make payments in one go. APP can’t be used for all company codes from different countries.

Answer : C