SAP CO - Create Cost Center

To create a cost center, use the T-code KS01. It will open the following window.

Create Cost Center

Enter the Controlling Area in the next screen and click the tick mark.

Cost Center Controlling

In the next window, enter the following details and click the Master Data.

  • New cost center number.
  • Validity dates of the new cost center.

You can also create a new cost center with a reference.

Create New Cost Center

Once you click Master Data, a new window will open. Enter the following details in the basic data tab −

  • Enter the name of the new cost center.
  • Enter a description for the new cost center.
  • Enter the User and Person Responsible.
  • Cost Center Category.
  • Hierarchy area.
  • Company Code.
  • Profit Center.
Cost Center Details

Next, click the Control tab and select the correct indicator.

Correct Indicator

At the end, click the save icon at the top.

Cost Center Icon