SAP CO - Planning Methods

SAP CO Planning Method allows you to plan the profitability segments as mentioned in the Planning packages.

To execute a planning method, you need to define it in a parameter set. Each planning method is executed via parameter set. To create a parameter set, you need to first define the Planning level. For parameter set to execute, there should be at least one planning package exists at that level.

There are two different types of planning methods and they differ in the way they allow you to enter and edit planning data for the profitability segments.

Manual Type

Manual planning methods allows you to enter planning data and display planning data in the profitability segments specified in the planning package are listed individually for editing or display.

In parameter set, you mention how the profitability segments are to be listed. When planning method is executed, processing of parameter set occurs and you can directly check the results of your processing.

Automatic Type

With automatic planning methods like copy, top-down distribution and delete, all profitability segments that are specified in the planning package are processed.

You need to mention in the parameter set like- how these segments are to be processed, when you execute the method, the system automatically processes the segments without any need of manual action.

Results of the processing can be checked using a report in the information system or by manual planning method display planning data.