SAP FI - Incoming Partial Payments

In SAP FI, you can also post partial payments from the customers. These partial payments are posted as separate open items.

Customers can see clearly what all invoices have been issued to customers and what payments he has made. But it keeps the multiple open items, until the invoice is fully paid/ cleared.

Example − There is a customer with an outstanding amount of 1500 and he makes a payment of 500 as partial payment, then there will be two separate open items of 1500 Debit and 500 Credit in the FI system and no clearing document will be created.

How to post a Partial payment?

T-code − F-28

  • Document Date
  • Company Code
  • Payment Currency
  • Cash/Bank Account the Payment is to be posted
  • Payment Amount
  • Customer Id of the customer making the Payment
  • Process Open Items
Partial Payment Header Data

Once you click on Process Open Items → Go to Partial Payment tab and select the invoice for which partial payment is done and the amount.

Partial Payment Done

Click the Save button to post the document.

Save Button