SAP FI - Post Purchase Invoice

Use the T-code FB60 for an incoming invoice or go to Accounting → Financial Accounting → Accounts Payable → Document Entry → Invoice.

Incoming Invoice

Enter the company code you want to post this invoice to and press Enter. It will open a new window. Enter the following details −

  • Vendor ID of the vendor
  • Invoice Date
  • Amount for Invoice
  • Tax Code for the Tax Applicable
  • Tax Indicator "Calculate Tax"
Incoming Invoice Details

Go to the Payment tab and enter the Payt terms like pay immediately, after 14 days, etc.

Invoice Pay Terms

In Item details, enter the following details −

  • Purchase Account
  • Select Debit
  • Amount for the Invoice
  • Check Tax code

After entering these details, click Check the Status of the Document and thereafter, click the Save button at the top.

Invoice Entering Details

Invoice Entering Details