SAP FI - Financial Statement Version

General Ledger accounts can be used as per legal regulations to generate the final statements. Financial statement versions are used to create the financial statements, to run account balance reports and for General Ledger accounting planning.

You can also define multiple financial statement versions to generate financial statements in different formats. Follow the steps given below to create financial statement versions −

T-code SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Financial Accounting → General Ledger Accounting → Business Transactions → Closing → Document → Define Financial Statement Versions → Execute.

Financial Statement Version

Click the button New Entries as shown below −

Button New Entries

Provide the following details −

  • Enter the Fin. Stmt. Version.

  • Enter the Description of the financial statement version.

  • Maint. Language − Enter the language key in which you display texts, enter texts, and print statement.

  • Item Keys auto − It tells keys of financial statement items are assigned manually or automatically when the financial statement versions are defined.

  • Charts of Accounts − All accounts from this chart of accounts COA can be assigned when you define the financial statement. If you do not specify a chart of accounts, accounts from several charts of accounts can be assigned when you define the financial statement.

  • Group Account Number − Enter this Indicator that specifies that the group account numbers should be assigned instead of the account numbers when you define the financial statement version.

  • Fun. Area Parameter − This indicator is used to make it possible to assign functional areas or accounts in the financial statement version. Once the above fields are defined, you can click on the save configuration and to generate change request number. To edit this Financial Statement version, click on Fin. Statement items → you can maintain nodes in version.

New Entries Detail

New Entries Details