SAP FI - Outgoing Partial Payments

In SAP FI, you can also post outgoing partial payments for a vendor. Partial payment from a vendor will open as an open item and no clearing document will be generated.

How to post an outgoing partial payment?

Use the T-code F-53 or go to Accounting → Financial Accounting → Accounts Payable → Document Entry → Outgoing Payment → Post.

Post Outgoing Vendor Payment

In the next window, input the following details −

  • Document Date
  • Company Code
  • Cash/Bank Account for the payment to be posted
  • Payment Amount
  • Vendor ID of the Vendor making the payment
Vendor Payment Detail

The next step is to click Process Open Items. It will open a new window wherein you need to take the following actions −

  • Click on the Partial Payment Tab.
  • Select and Activate the Invoice against which the partial payment has been made.
  • Enter Partial Amount.

Once the above details are supplied, click the Save icon. Note down the document number that is generated.

Save Vendor Id