SAP FI - Document Reversal

You can also reverse an incorrect document and can also clear the open items. A document can only be reversed if −

  • It contains no cleared items.
  • It contains only customer, vendor, and G/L account items.
  • It was posted with Financial Accounting.
  • All entered values (such as business area, cost center, and tax code) are still valid.

How to reverse a document in SAP FI?

Use the T-code: FB08

Reverse Document

Enter the following details −

  • Document number to be reversed.
  • Company Code.
  • Fiscal year of posting.
  • Reversal Reason.
  • Enter posting date and period.
Reverse Document Detail

If the document includes a payment check, use void reason checkbox.

You can also click on option display before reversal at the top to see a preview of reversal document. If things are OK, go back to the previous screen and click Save.