SAP FI - Reset AP Cleared Items

In SAP FI, you can clear a vendor payment if an incorrect payment is made in Account Payables.


You have an invoice # 23156 and this invoice will remain open till you receive a payment for this invoice. When a payment is received, a new document is created # 50000678, when you enter the receipt and this document also becomes the clearing document.

Now, due to some error, if you have to reverse this payment document, then you need to use the T-code FBRA. When you use this, the system will first reset the documents as open items and then reverse the document number.

How to reset AP cleared items?

Use the T-code FBRA.

Reset AP Cleared Items

In the next screen, enter the following details −

  • Clearing document number
  • Company Code
  • Fiscal Year
Reset AP Cleared Items Detail

Confirm the reset of the clearing document.