SAP FI - Automatic Payment Run

Automatic Payment Program (APP) serves the purpose of posting accounts payable like payment to a vendor based on vendor invoices automatically.

APP is used to find out due/overdue invoices and to process a list of customer and vendor invoices to make payments in one go. APP cannot be used for all company codes from different countries.

APP has the following categories −

  • Setup all company codes
  • Setup paying company codes
  • Payment method per country
  • Payment method per country code
  • Bank Selection
  • House Bank

Use the T-code FBZP to see all the following options.

Automatic Payment Program

Setup all Company Codes

Click the option All Company Code in the above screen. A new window will open. Go to New Entries.

Setup all Company Codes

Enter the company code in the field Paying Company Code. Select the checkboxes Pyt. Meth Suppl. and Max. Cash Discount as shown below −

Company Code Field

Setup Paying Company Codes

Click Paying Company Codes and go to New Entries.

Paying Company Codes

It will open a new window wherein you need to provide the following details −

  • Paying company code
  • Min amount for incoming payment
  • Min amount for outgoing payment
  • Exchange rate differences, separate payment for each Ref.,Bill / Exch pymt.
Paying Company Code Detail

Payment Method in Country

Click the option Payment Method in Country on the main window. Go to New Entries as shown below.

Payment Method in Country

In the next screen, input the following details −

  • Enter Country name, Payment method and Description.
  • Select payment method: Incoming/outgoing payment.
  • Select payment method classification.
Payment Method Detail

Payment Method in Company Code

Click the option Pmnt. Method in Company Code on the main window. Go to New Entries as shown below −

Payment Method Company Code

In the next screen, enter the following details −

  • Enter Paying Co Code and Pymt. Method.
  • Enter minimum and maximum amount limits.
  • Select Bank selection control option.
  • Go to form data as shown below.
Payment Company Code Detail

Update Form Data Type. Click the Search button and select the value.

Update Form Data

Structure Form Data

Enter the field-drawer of the form and once all the details are supplied, click the Save button.

Enter the Field-drawer

Bank Determination

Click the option Bank Determination in the main window. Select Paying Company Code and click the option Select Block as shown below and go to Bank Account.

Bank Determination

Click the button Ranking Order and go to New Entries as shown below −

Button Ranking Order

Enter the new bank account details as shown below to create a bank account.

New Bank Account Detail

House Banks

House Banks provide the details of the bank account which is used by a company to make payments to its vendors and customers.

Click the option House Banks on the main screen and enter the company code as shown below −

House Banks

The next window will show a list of all house banks which the company is using to make payments to its vendors and customers.

House Bank Payments