SAP FI - Customer Account Group


There are different types of customer account group that can be created in Account Receivable in SAP FI.

Group Name
X001 Domestic Customers
X002 Export Customers
X003 One Time Customers

How to create a Customer Account Group?

Go to SPRO → SAP Reference IMG → Financial Accounting → AR and AP → Customer Accounts → Master Data → Preparations for creating customer master data → Define Account Groups with screen layout (Customers) → Execute.

Define Customer Account Group

A new window will open. Click New Entries as shown in the following screenshot.

New Entries Customer Group

It will open another new window. Enter the following details −

  • Customer Account Group − Enter 4-digit account group.

  • Name − Enter the name under General data field.

  • Field Status − Click Company code data.

Details Add Entries

Once you select Field Status, a new window will open.

Select Account Management from the select group and click Reconciliation account Req. Entry.

Maintain Field Status Group Maintain Field Status Group

Once this is done, click the save icon at the top to save the configuration. Similarly you can create X002, X003 for other customers.

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