SAP FI - One-Time Vendor

In SAP FI, you can also create One-Time Vendor Master Record for the Vendors with only a few transactions and there is no need to maintain their master records separately. In such cases, you can create One-Time Vendor with General Information such as Name, Address, Phone, etc.

Use the T-code FK01 or go to Accounting → Finance Accounting → Accounts Payable → Master Record → Create.

Create Vendor Master

It will open the following window. Select the account group and search for the one-time vendor.

Select Vendor Account Groups

Select Vendor Account Groups

Enter the vendor id as per the number range assigned to the account group and the company code in which you want to create this record and press Enter.

Vendor Id Number Range

A new window will open. Enter the following details −

  • Name of the Vendor.
  • Term for searching the Vendor Id.
  • Street/House Number and Postal code 6 digit/City.
  • Country/Region and click on Next screen button at top
SAP Vendor Details

In the next screen, enter the Vendor Control Group details. If a vendor is from a corporate group, enter the corporate group name.

Enter Vendor Control Group Details

Now, enter the bank account details as shown below and click the Next Screen button.

Bank Account Details

The next step is to enter the contact person details, name, telephone, description and go to the next screen. In the next screen, enter the Recon Account and cash management group (domestic/Foreign, etc.)

Contact Person Details

Click Next and enter the payment transactions accounting details. Enter Payt terms (like pay immediately, pay after 14 days 3% cash, etc.).

Payment Transactions Accounting Details

Payment Transactions Accounting Details

Once you are done with all the details, click the Save button at the top. You will get a message that a vendor has been created in the given company code.

Save All Detail

Save All Details